Monday, April 25, 2016

A Tale of Two Sugaree: Springfield and Hartford Bookend Spring 1977 Tour

For those paying attention, I am keeping in reserve my blog pieces on some of my favorite shows. So I let Springfield 77's 39th birthday slip by on Saturday and will do the full treatment on its 40th birthday in 2017.  However, let's discuss Spring 1977 for a minute here.

The six week Spring 1977 tour virtually started and ended in the Springfield/Hartford axis (after getting its Mojo back in Philadelphia).  And what bookended this tour was the two Sugarees; the great Springfield version and the out of this world Bertha>Good Lovin>Sugaree that opened the last show of the tour (To Terrapin) in Hartford.
Interesting iy you add the Deadlists timing of 11:17 on April 23 to the 18:43 of May 28 you get exactly 30 minutes of Sugaree Gold
So for your listening pleasure and for about 1,800 Grateful Seconds listen to this six week evolution, a tale of two Sugarees today if you get a chance.

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