RIP Walter Becker

I always liked Steely Dan records, as far back as the Dead.  They rarely played live, but I like this little set from March 1974 in Los Angeles.  Give it a listen here

RIP Walter

01 - Introduction/Waiting for drummer
02 - Bodhisattva
03 - The Boston Rag
04 - Do It Again
05 - Any Major Dude
06 - King Of The World
07 - Rikki Don't Lose That Number
08 - Pretzel Logic
09 - Your Gold Teeth II (Jam)
10 - Reelin' In The Years
11 - This All Too Mobile Home

Donald Fagen – piano, vocals
Walter Becker – bass
Jeff Baxter – guitar
Denny Dias – guitar
Jim Hodder – drums
Jeff Porcaro – drums
Royce Jones – percussion, backing vocals
Michael McDonald – electric piano, backing vocals

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pudgym29 said...

You do (or should) know that the entire Steely Dan fan wing was a branch off '' on Usenet?
Yes it was. James "Hoops" McKay noticed the amount of Steely Dan fans responding in the newsgroup, and began the 'Dandom' e-mail list {still extant}.
The affinity went the other way as well. A Donald Fagen solo tour a few years ago included the Dead's "Shakedown Street" as a concert constant.