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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

The Just Exactly Perfect Brothers Band Show, December 29, 1977

Happy 40th Winterland
For their last big trick in the 1977 concert season, the Grateful Dead certainly pulled another rabbit out of its hat on December 29, 1977, forty years ago today.Double Dutch China in the Middle of a Playing In the Band Sandwich. For Charlie Miller's 14-pack go here

This was a first ten Dick's Picks, of course, Ten exactly. The review
Deadheads will treasure the 53-and-a-half-minute medley in the second set (and on the second CD) of "Playing in the Band/China Cat Sunflower/I Know You Rider/China Doll/Playing Jam/Drums/Not Fade Away/Playing in the Band," especially because it marks the first performance of the 1969 song "China Cat Sunflower" in over three years (that's why you hear all that applause when they start to play it). 

My pal Tom from Carmel saw this show, as he was already a West Coast Winterland deadhead in 1977, whilw I was still an 18 year on the East Coast celebrating my New Year's in Upstate NY at Colgate, Rochester and Broome Ciunty on Nov 4-6.

Photographer exterordinare Bob Minkin wrote this a few years back at'
I buy every one of his books, you should too.

After my summer trip to San Francisco in August ’77, I was itching to get back to the Bay Area. The Grateful Dead provided the perfect excuse — their fabled year-end concerts at Winterland. As a young Deadhead who never got to see shows at the Fillmore, Fillmore West or Avalon Ballroom, Winterland represented the last of San Francisco’s legendary venues.
Armed with my new camera — a Minolta SRT-101 with a 50mm f1.8 lens — and a load of film, I left New York City on Christmas day, taking Amtrak to Chicago and switching to a Greyhound bus that took me to San Francisco.
After arriving late at night, I lost my wallet in the San Francisco Greyhound bus terminal. My wallet contained all of my money, plus a pair of tickets to each of the three sold-out shows. I freaked out! What was I going to do now?
A hippie I met on the bus let me stay at his place that night, and the next morning, December 29th, he drove me to the corner of Post and Steiner Streets, home of Winterland.
It was a rainy, dreary morning and here I was standing outside the venue with no tickets and no money. Not only did I lose my own tickets but my friend Joel’s as well. Fortunately I still had an ounce of Thai sticks that I had carried cross-country, and selling a few sticks gained me some cash.
When Joel arrived, I gave him the bad news about our predicament, and he wasn’t very happy about it, to say the least. We decided to take a cab to Winterland Productions’ offices downtown, since that was where the tickets had been mailed from. I remembered the name of the woman who had originally helped me get them — Gloria Pulido — and asked for her when we got to the offices. She helped out again by selling Joel and me new sets of tickets to the three sold-out shows.
The year 1977 was a great one for the band, and they closed it out in style with three fantastic shows at Winterland. The first night, December 29th, is one of my favorite shows, and it was released on CD as Dick’s Picks, Volume 10.
Sadly, Winterland is no more, and condos now occupy the corner of Post and Steiner Streets.

Dead still a little underground in SF in late 1977

New Years 1977

Not in Deadbase 2 in Deadbase 3, another later discovered show on the East Coast?

Fillmore East, January 3, 1970; A North Carolina School of the Arts Point of View

Nice shout out to all your Dead fans that made the trek to Charlotte last night. MY only show there was Brent's second show May 3, 1979. I couldn't find that but I discovered this.

Some cool hip dude or chick M. Ferguson from North Carolina School of the Arts went up to Yankee territory in early 1970 to the Fillmore East and we now have this beautiful little study of a classic early 1970 Dead show.  Enjoy. I won't spoil this by adding any meaningless comments. But there is one tune is night called "Jam Bid You Goodnight Jam Jam Alligator Jam & Reprise Caution Jam" on

Note that Light Into Ashes set me on the trail of this show a few months ago.  Don't forget to read every word he ever wrote.

Listen here

Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 1/3/70a - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [50:58] ; Morning Dew [8:48] ; [0:15] ; Me And My Uncle [3:00] ; [0:14] ; Hard To Handle [4:00] ; [0:17] ; Cumberland Blues [5:12] ; [0:20] ; Cold Rain And Snow [4:44] ; Alligator [3:48] > Drums [2:07] > Jam [8:41] > Bid You Goodnight Jam [1:04] > Jam [0:25] > Alligator Reprise [1:42] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) Jam [0:18] > Feedback [5:25] ; [0:29]
Encore [5:55] ; Uncle John's Band [5:55]

Band Grateful Dead
Venue Fillmore East
Location New York, NY
Date 1/3/70b - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One [93:33] ; Casey Jones [#4:02] ; [0:12] ; Mama Tried [2:27] ; [0:20] ; Big Boss Man [4:08] ; [0:36] ; China Cat Sunflower [2:48] > Jam [2:41] > I Know You Rider [4:07] > High Time Tease [0:07] % [0:32] ; Mason's Children [4:55] ; [0:35] ; Cryptical Envelopment [2:01] > Drums [3:29] > The Other One [9:54] > Cryptical Envelopment [4:58] > Cosmic Charlie [6:20] ; [0:55] ; Uncle John's Band [6:08] > Black Peter [8:27] ; [0:12] ; Dire Wolf [3:34] % [0:15] ; Good Lovin' [8:33] ; [0:35] ; Dancing In The Street [5:12] > Drums [1:28] > Dancing In The Street [3:48] ; [0:12]
Encore [15:38] ; Saint Stephen [6:10] > In The Midnight Hour [8:59] ; [0:17]

Cashbox Jan 17 1970 issue

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

History of the Original Cosmic Cowboy Medley or How Bobby Squeezed Me & My Uncle into The Middle of Dark Star and that Other One, 1969-1973

It was a simple chord change after all. I learned this from the Taping Compendium in a review of  a 1970 show. This post describes one of the coolest moves the Dead ever did in their wide repertoire of cool moves.

This is no Me & My Uncle> Mama Tried.  This is the waking up from a 25 minute way out-there The Other One or Dark Star jam into a Bobby cosmic cowboy tune. And often back into Dark Star or The Other One

I first heard the cowboy medley when I bought Grateful Dead bootlegs on Saturday’s in Cambridge when I was in prep school in either 1975 or 1976  I thought it was so cool that the dead would sample Me & My Uncle in the middle of The Other One and had no idea I would never get such an animal. I know when John Mayer reads this, we will see it in the very next Dead & Company show. Stealing my Playin' Reprise in the encore slot today. Gee Wiz.

If I missed one or two, let me know. Not exactly perfect here (that anniverdsary is coming up in just about a month, mr. playin>china>rider.

The sandwiched songs I'm counting are Uncle, Mama Tried, Mexicali, El Paso, Sitting, Bobby McGee and the Like. Ok, ok, Sitting ain;t exactly a Cowboy tune, but you get the drift. We can share here

The sandwich versions are:
The Other One > Me And My Uncle >Other One
The Other One> Mexicali Blues  > The Other One
Dark Star>Uncle>Dark Star
The Other One>Bobby McGee>The Other One
Dark Star>Sitting on the Top of the World>Dark Star
The Other One>Sitting>The Other One

You can click on the archive link to hear any of these. Don't forget to donate there, they are the granddaddys and Mamas of the internet.

Embryonic Journeys (12 Times)

04-27-69 Labor Temple Minneapolis, MN
Turn On Your Love Light-> Me & My Uncle-> Sitting On Top Of The World
Come on the amazing journey
And learn all you should know

6-14-69 Monterey
Intro [0:10] ; Turn On Your Love Light [26:30] > Me And My Uncle [3:13] > Doin' That Rag [7:18] > He Was A Friend Of Mine [9:40] > China Cat Sunflower tease [0:10] ;

07-04-69 Chicago Sittin On Top Of The World [2:58] > Me And My Uncle [1:58#]

08-20-69 Seattle
 Morning Dew [10:06] > High Time [6:35] > Mama Tried [2:40] > Me And My Uncle [3:12]

08-29-69 Family Dog
Me And My Uncle [3:07] > High Time [7:03]

12-11-69 Thelma, Los Angeles, CA
Black Peter [11:09] > Me And My Uncle [3:10]

12-29-69 Boston Tea Party
 Me And My Uncle [3:14] > China Cat Sunflower [3:10] > Jam [3:08] > I Know You Rider [4:19] > High Time [7:09]

02-14-70 Fillmore East, First Alligator>Uncle pairing. Famous medley.
 Alligator [3:44] > Drums [12:48] > Me And My Uncle [3:07] > Not Fade Away [13:59] > Mason's Children [3:53] > Caution (Do Not Stop On Tracks) [14:25] > Feedback [8:42] > And We Bid You Good Night [1:39

02-28-70 Family Dog
Show opens with Turn On Your Lovelight [#12:47] > Me And My Uncle [3:02]

03-24-70 Pirate World
Show ends with Dark Star [13:#45] > The Other One [5:01] > Saint Stephen [4:08] > Drums [1:09] > Not Fade Away [6:02] > Turn On Your Lovelight [14:31] > Me And My Uncle [2:53] ;

07-10-70 Fillmore East
Me And My Uncle [3:15] > Easy Wind [8:45]

07-11-70 Fillmore East
Maybe connected

07-12-70 Fillmore East: The Cosmic Cowboy Medley Is Born (3 times)

Cryptical Envelopment> The Other One > Me And My Uncle >Other One > Dancing In The Street
in a spooky middle of the night Midnight to Dawn appearance in the middle of The Other One sandwich.

11-29-70 Club Agora, Columbus, Ohio
Truckin'> Drums>The Other One > Me And My Uncle
No sandwich on the second try. Second straight audience-tape only version

02-18-71 Capitol Theater, Passiac, New Jersey
Dark Star>Beautiful Jam>Wharf Rat>Dark Star>Me & My Uncle
First set, soundboard recording. First Dark Star>Uncle pairing.

Pig Pen August Run (4 Times)
08-6-71 Hollwyood
Truckin' [6:50] > Drums [3:56] > The Other One [7:29] > Me And My Uncle [3:08] > The Other One [5:41] ;

08-14-71 Berkeley
Truckin' [3:#56] > Drums [3:35] > The Other One (1) [16:40] ; Me And Bobby McGee [5:39]

08-15-71 Berkeley
Truckin' [7:26] > Drums [3:10] > The Other One (1) [11:15] > Me And My Uncle [3:13] > The Other One (2) [5:45] > Wharf Rat [9:19]

08-24-71 Chicago
Cryptical Envelopment [1:#57] > Drums [4:28] > The Other One (1) [11:56] > Me And My Uncle [3:07] > The Other One (2) [6:51] > Cryptical Envelopment [4:53] > Wharf Rat [7:47]

Keith's First Two Months (11 Times)

10-21-71 Chicago
Dark Star (1) [15:09] > Sittin' On Top Of The World [3:16] > Dark Star [2:03] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:56]

10-24-71 Detroit
 Dark Star [20:47] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:29]

10-29-71 Cleveland
 Cryptical Envelopment [1:51] > Drums [0:23] > The Other One [20:16] > Me And My Uncle [2:54] > The Other One [2:58] > Cryptical Envelopment [1:39] > Deal [4:19]

11-7-71 Harding, San Francisco
Dark Star [13:58] > Drums [4:20] > The Other One [6:06] > Me And My Uncle [3:19] > The Other One [7:45]

11-14-71 Forth Worth, TX
Truckin' [10:30] > Drums [4:24] > The Other One [9:14] > Me And My Uncle [2:58] > The Other One [12:21] > Wharf Rat [9:43] > Sugar Magnolia [6:25]

11-15-71 Austin, TX
Dark Star (1) [12:14] > El Paso [4:38] > Space [3:29] > Jam [3:59] ; Casey Jones (2)

12-1-71 Boston
Cryptical Envelopment [1:47] > Drums [2:33] > The Other One (1) [14:08] > Me And My Uncle [2:01] > The Other One (2) [8:51] ;

12-4-71 Felt Forum: The Reverse Version
Me And My Uncle [2:50] > The Other One (2) [19:14] > Mexicali Blues [3:36] > The Other One (3) [3:12] > Wharf Rat (4) [8:55]

12-5-71 Felt Forum, For some reason I love these Uncle and Sitting Double Dose Versions
Dark Star [8:27] > Me And My Uncle [2:31] > Dark Star [12:23] > Sittin' On Top Of The World [4:16] ;

Buy Eric's Dead to the Core, which inspired this blog

12-06-71 Felt Forum, what a week!
Cryptical Envelopment [1:58] > Drums [2:04] > The Other One [7:49] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:59] > The Other One [13:52] > Wharf Rat ; [11:14]

12-10-71 St Louis, Incredible Medley of
 Truckin' [7:59] > Drums [3:26] > The Other One [13:35] > Sittin' On Top Of The World [2:53] > The Other One [6:02] > Not Fade Away [6:01] > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad [6:18] > Not Fade Away [1:00#]
So many Charlie Miller's!

12-31-71 SF
Truckin' [8:45] > Drums [3:07] > The Other One Jam [6:01] > Me And My Uncle [2:50] > The Other One [10:19] ; Space [1:53] > Black Peter [8:38]

03-26-72, Academy of Music, NYC
Truckin' > Drums > The Other One > Me And My Uncle > The Other One > Wharf Rat

Europe '72 Era (5 Times, Pen is Back)

04-7-72, Wembley, London
Truckin' > Drums > The Other One > El Paso > The Other One > Wharf Rat ;
or Buy Night One of Europe 72 Tour for SBD from

04-16-72, Aarhus, Denmark show ends with
Truckin' [5:20] > Jam [5:10] > Truckin' Reprise [0:54] > Jam [4:09#] > The Other One Jam > Me And My Uncle > The Other One > Not Fade Away > Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad > Not Fade Away

04-24-72 Dusseldorf, West Germany ends with
Dark Star [24:#31] > Me And My Uncle [3:27] > Dark Star [15:05] > Wharf Rat [8:59] > Sugar Magnolia [6:56]

Page from David's Book  David Malvinni's is awesome but 12-5-71 also had an Uncle inside a Dark Star.
Buy David; He writes like the Music Expert and Prof He Is

05-3-72 Paris, France
Truckin' [10:37] > Space (2) [6:45] > The Other One (3) [10:04] > Drums [3:32] > The Other One Jam (4) [6:29] > Space [6:10] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:26] > The Other One (5) [2:45] > Wharf Rat [9:08] ;

05-10-72 Amsterdam
Truckin' [8:41] > Drums [2:30] > The Other One [33:04] > Me And Bobby McGee [5:30] > The Other One [2:07] > Wharf Rat [8:41]

Post Europe '72 Era (8 Times)
08-21-72 Berkeley, CA
Dark Star > El Paso> Space> Deal

08-27-72 Kesey's Fram
Dark Star> El Paso>Sing Me Back Home

09-28-72 Stanley Theater, Jersey City, NJ
 He's Gone>The Other One > Me And Bobby McGee> The Other One > Wharf Rat

11-26-72 San Antonio, TX
Dark Star>Me And Bobby McGee

06-26-73 Seattle, WA
He's Gone> Truckin' > The Other One> Me And Bobby McGee>The Other One> Sugar Magnolia

Dark Star>El Paso

11-14-73  San Diego, CA
Truckin'> The Other One > Big River >Other One> Eyes Of The World > Other One > Wharf Rat

11-23-73 El Paso, Texas
 He's Gone > Truckin' > The Other One > Space > Me And Bobby McGee

First Modern Cowboy Medley
10-15-77 Dallas
Mama Tried>Big River [6:11]  where else?

hundreds of versions

Last Modern Cowboy Medley
7-5-95 Riverport Maryland
Me And My Uncle> Big River

20% of My Shows had an Official CD Release; 88% in 1977

Today's Answer to the Answer Man:

Of my 80 Dead shows, 9 of first 11 are on CD (1976-1977)
6 of my next 35, (1978-1980)
and 1 of my last 34 (View Vault #4) (1981-1987, 1994)

Boston Music Hall - June 9, 1976 Road trips 4.5
Boston Music Hall - June 12, 1976 Road trips 4.5

The Palladium - April 30, 1977 Downlaod Series 1
Boston Garden - May 7, 1977 May 77 Set 2
Hartford Civic Center - May 28, 1977 To Terrapin
Raceway Park - September 3, 1977 Dicks Picks 15
Cotterell Gym - November 4, 1977 Dave's Pick 12
Community War Memorial - November 5, 1977 Dick's Picks 34
Broome County Arena - November 6, 1977 Dave's Picks 25

Springfield Civic Center Arena - May 11, 1978 Dick's Picks 25
Providence Civic Center - May 14, 1978 30 Trips

Hampton Coliseum - May 4, 1979 Live at Hamptons LP

Springfield Civic Center Arena - September 3, 1980 Download Series #7
Providence Civic Center - September 4, 1980 Download #7

Oakland Coliseum Stadium - July 24, 1987 View from the Vault #4 (CD and DVD)

Monday, November 27, 2017

Portland, May 19, 1974

I saw this today:  reran this today.

and remembered what a great show it was.  Below, I saw that David Gans wrote this as a special to Dead For a Year, which is a site, that you really show read and listen to. Every day.

You can hear this Wall of Sound show at here or click above for the Jam.

Mississippi Half-Step
Mexicali Blues
Big Railroad Blues
Black-Throated Wind
Scarlet Begonias
Beat it on Down the Line
Tennessee Jed
Me and Bobby McGee
Jack Straw
It Must Have Been the Roses
El Paso
Loose Lucy
Money Money
China Cat Sunflower
I Know You Rider

Promised Land
Greatest Story Ever Told
Ship of Fools
WRS Prelude
WRS Part 1
Let it Grow
Wharf Rat
Big River
Heaven Help Jam
Not Fade Away
Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
One More Saturday Night

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Jam>Jack-A-Roe and Playin>Shakedown>If I Had the World to Give>Playin Highlight Weirdest Show of Year in Cleveland, November 20, 1978

This is a Hall of Fame Performance in Cleveland in November 20, 1978. Of course, I missed it by one show seeing them play more normal the next night in Rochester.  I ranked this only behind New Year's at Winterland as the show of the year in 1978.

Stop here, plain dealer, nothing more to say

 Apparently as legend tells it, Bobby was really sick, so this night is kind if a pay-back reverse of the San Diego shows earlier in the year in January, where Bobby sang all the tunes.  It's unclear just exactly what Bobby missed, but I expect he was playing on that incredible Playin in the Band>Shakedown Street>If I Had the World to Give>Playin in the Band sandwich which follows a truly innovative and once-only Jam>Jack-A-Roe that explodes over the audience at the beginning of set two.

As typical, the Akron Beacon reporter had NO IDEA what they were listening, and what a treat it was thankfully we have the vault for that. It was the last and best if the three If I Had The World to Give performances. I relistened to set two of the Charlie Miller version yesterday and it again just blow me away. I just know that the band was going to play this again on November 24 in New Haven but unfortunately, Jerry got sick and they never played it again.  Although Dead and Company's Oteil sang it last night in Ohio, in the middle of China Rider. As it should be. As it was in the beginning and as it is still now.

Corey Got It Right in the Taping Compendium

Add caption

Set 1

Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo ->
Franklin's Tower
Mama Tried ->
Mexicali Blues
It Must Have Been The Roses
Looks Like Rain
Stagger Lee
Lazy Lightnin' ->

Set 2

Jam ->
Drums ->
Jam ->
Playing In The Band ->
Shakedown Street ->
If I Had The World To Give ->
Playing In The Band ->
Around And Around

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Return of Big Boss Man, A Day At The Dentist and An Eleven Jam Highlight The Most Underrated Show of 1981: December 26, 1981

"You won't let Jerry stop". This post is less about the history in the papers and more about the music.

I told you New Year's shows were special. Of Course, this show has the return of Big Boss Man, sung by Jerry with the last version from the last night of the Europe '72 tour May 25, 1972 (during the longest first set ever) by Pig. But that my friends is the very tip of the iceberg of this beauty.

First show since surprise Grateful Dead show 12-12-1981 at Fiesta Hall

First Big Boss Man sung by Jerry (stayed at NYE shows until 1984, I saw the next two 12-31-81 and 12-31-83, benefit of living in Berkeley)

Soundcheck of Big Boss Man and Cumberland

Only A Day at the Dentist

Last Ever The Eleven Jam, previously played 9-28-75 and 1-16-70. Last The Eleven was 6-7-1970

I told you New Year's shows were special

1981 was an exceptional fine year for shows from Meg Welk to Oaklands
With 3 votes, this show ties for 34th place as best show of 1981, which shows you
(a) people don't know or can't remember or
(b) people are lucky there is another fantastic show to learn about or re-remember.

An every song was played well.

Set 1

Alabama Getaway ->
The Promised Land
Little Red Rooster
Big Boss Man                               
Me And My Uncle ->
Big River
Bird Song
It's All Over Now
Big Railroad Blues
Let it Grow

Scarlet Begonias
Fire on the Mountain
Estimated Prophet
He's Gone
A Day At the Dentist
The Eleven Jam
Black Peter
Around and Around
One More Saturday Night

Don't Ease Me In

Of course there is a gfreat Charlie Miller of this apparently recorded by Joani Walker.

I knew Joani a little in Berkeley in 1981 through my friend Rick Sullivan. I remember going to a party with a bunch of Dead Heads with really really long hair like Randy and many others.  Deadheads with really really long bhair tended to be the true real deal dead fans and/or from Santa Cruz (right Katie?). We had our own Day at the Dentist that day, and I wound up with my eyes crossed and laying on the floor.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

I Was A Magnet for Second-Set Tennessee Jed, 1976-1995

Sometimes when you think Tennessee Jed is just another pleasant Europe '72 era first-set Jerry tune, you get it wrong. Very wrong.

Last night I was listening to Sirius and heard a really cool matrix of the Hartford tour-end on May 28, 1977, which I attended.  After Samson in the first set, I forgot about this Tennessee before the Estimated>Playin>Terrapin etc monster that follows.  But on this night, and actually any night that Jerry is on fire, Tennessee Jed is a monster.  Take a listen to a few of these and you will see that these were the crown jewels.

So I checked and saw that from 1971-1974, the Dead played TJ 140 times and 11 were in the second set where the band typically kicks it into a higher gear.

In the last 20 Years in Grateful Dead history, there were only 7 played in the second set and I saw 3. Wow. I was a magnet for second set Tennessee Jeds, which were only played in 7 shows out of 293 versions or 2.4% of the time.  Wish I could have been a Dark Star magnet too. or The Eleven.

06-12-76  I was there! Boston  leads directly into Let It Grow>Wharf Rat>Comes A Time
06-18-76  Passiac, NJ
02-26-77 San Bernardino, recent Betty Board return, likely to get official release
05-28-77 I was there!  Hartford
10-12-77 Manor Downs
05-03-79 I was there! Charlotte  2nd Brent show my first Brent
11-16-85 Long Beach, last one and only second ever second set opener.

All are here for your listening pleasure above and here 

1971-1974  11 of 140  almost 10% of the time

10-23-71  4th Keith show played right before Sugar Mag and Comes A Time
04-26-72  Frankfurt
05-11-72  Rotterdam
07-18-72 Roosevelt Stadium, 3 Set Show
11-12-72 Kansas City, still not uncommon to play in set two
02-26-73 Lincoln, Nb.
05-13-73 Des Moines, opens set two
10-27-73 Indianapolis
02-22-74 3 Set show at Winterland
05-25-74 Santa Barbara
06-18-74  Louisville, late set 2 before Sugar Magnolia and Encore of Morning Dew

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Spunky Cowboy Band on Saturday Night In San Diego, January 10, 1970: Watch Out for the Water Garcia, Might Later Get Blood Poisoning

Pigpen saved the day according to the San Diego Union reporter on January 10, 1970.  First West Coast 1970 show after the Texas/Florida/Boston/Fillmore East shows extended until January 3

This show really starts to mark the difference between the fans of Dark Star>St Stephen>The 11 and the Workingman's/American Beauty era. Still there is a Lovelight "for the ages". This is a compact 90 minutes with almost a third taken up by Lovelight, but includes a short Hard to Handle, a very interesting Mason's into a beautiful Black Peter and a late set Cold Rain & Snow. In the Union review, he thinks the Lovelight lasts 45 minutes (hmmm, cool).

Apparently Jerry always get sick in San Diego, blood poisoning in Sept  1970, can't speak in 1979. Must be something in the air at Golden Hall.  Hear it here.  The San Diego Union review is fascinating, complaining of the Dead having shorter hair.  

There is also a long time mislabeled acoustic set that did not occur here (see my tape below) which is actually 8-6-1970 in the same building, a pretty amazing set you should seek out.


[1:25:55] ; Tuning (1) [0:59] ; China Cat Sunflower [3:02] > Jam [3:10] > I Know You Rider [4:23] ; [2:10] ; Me And My Uncle [3:11] ; [0:18] ; Dire Wolf [4:16] ; [0:55] ; Hard To Handle [5:13] ; [0:12] % Casey Jones [4:20] ; [0:15] ; Mason's Children [4:25] > Black Peter [9:06] ; [0:06] % Good Lovin' [1:51] > Drums [3:26] > Good Lovin' [4:03] ; [0:13] ; Cold Rain And Snow [5:08] ; [0:34] ; Turn On Your Lovelight (2) [25:37] ; [1:09]
Comments (1) "Clear the fuckin aisles".
At one point during Lovelight Pigpen tells the crowd: "Dance on your seats, just keep the aisles clear cuz the man is gonna getcha if ya don't cool it" and then, a minute later, "I believe you can stand up just a little more. There ain't too many of 'em." There was no encore. This is either the complete show, or the last 86 minutes of the show; it is not clear that China Cat was the opener. Savoy Brown and Aum were also on the bill (DeadBase IX). (2) Upcoming shows announcement at the conclusion of the show

In 1970, some people still called Jerry "Captain Trips"

Later in 1970, the Dead had a show scheduled with Leon Russell and Bread, but alas Jerry "got blood poisoning

My personal copy of mislabeled acoustic set circa 1979.

1968 San Diego Dead