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Friday, July 31, 2020

I Personally Made a Recording at The Last Great Merl and Jerry Show, Reconstruction, Temple Beautiful, August 10, 1979

This was less than a week after the Dead open up their many year residency at the Oakland Auditorium.

According to:

After some time as vacant lots, the 1839 and 1859 Geary addresses are combined as a U.S. Post Office.

Fall 1967 Grateful Dead (rehearsals)
"That fall [of '67] the synagogue next door to the Fillmore closed, and the Dead rented it as a rehearsal hall."(5)

1/12/77 Jerry Garcia Band
1/13/77 Jerry Garcia Band
7/29/77 Jerry Garcia Band
7/30/77 Jerry Garcia Band
8/10/79 Reconstruction (Temple Beautiful)

I took Chance here a few years back and now its a post office

Half a Block Away from the Temple Beautiful

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Row Your Boat to Shoreline September 29, 1989

Fuckin' Dead Don't Have No Fuckin Mercy on this land.
Thoughts to my pal Thoughts on the Dead  (
who I pray is going to live years because it's the funniest guy I know.

Right before heading to the Spaceship for the Warlocks show, the Dead played a few home town shows including this one which was shown on Shakedown Stream last night. This show was 18 days before a giant earthquake that hauled game one of the Bay Bridge World Series between the Oakland A's and the San Francisco Giants.

Monday, July 20, 2020

I'm UK, You're UK: History of the Grateful Dead in Newspapers in the United Kingdom, 1967-1990

Some earlier Seconds UK Dead

This is a fun piece 

Sunday June 4, 1967 The Hippies is the first UK newspaper that introduces the Grateful Dead 

CONTINUED _FROM PAGE NINE The Grateful Dead. This last group, led by an e no r m ous wild figure known only as Pigpen, pi oduee - s music which Paul McCartney regards as a threat to British groups. These were not the best groups, but their beat and electronic Indian whine stirred the crowd. Two girls, as hippy girls are prone to do, took off all their clothes. No-one among the crowd looked worried but the police did. Sirens, shrieks. The traffic was cut off from either side of the park. The girls were taken away. But it never occurred even to the police to disband the rest of the crowd. I went away and came back at dusk. A new note had crept into affairs. Mingled with the hippies were people drinking from beer cans. The hippies were stoned but some others were drunk. As the last band was finishing and packing up their instruments, Michael Bowen, the organiser of the love-in, appealed to the crowd to cleanup the park.before they left. Obediently the hippies set out to pick up the paper, the bottles, the detritus of the day. Then a drunk threw a bottle at the stand. Michael Bowen came down to talk to me. " You see it is going to be spoiled. Alcohol. That is the trouble in the world What harm do we do ? But drunks, they As I lett the park 1 saw a girl lying writhing on the ground." , from her mouth tricki yellow saliva. She Was having what I had come to recognise as a bad LSD, trip. The next .mornlng wat_ the last that I spent in Haight,Ashbury For a time had been beguiled by the hippies' gentleness, the i r generosity. their openness Now was depressed by their lethargy, their woolliness. their totally ineffectual way of life. But I did want to see the Diggers' shop, The Diggers are a group who at least have a policy. They want to do things for people. The shop is called Trip without a Ticket. I wandered in. It looked like a second - hand clothes store. Indeed It was one• The only difference between it and any other shop is that everything in it is tree• Up a few steps was workshop. A notice told customers that they coil , - 'ike any piece of material and mak' what they needed They were not, however just to take the material without making it int Q- , rnething. The Diggers are th e Puritans of the ne w movement. They do not altogether approve of drugs. They will go to do any job anyone asks of them if they approve of it. They feed the hippies, find rooms for them, clothe them. All fo r nothing. I wai told that R o b 1* Spry had started th e shop. He said it just happened. I asked hi m how it was organised. He said it wasn't. ABOY called Peter came up and handed me a pretty pipe made from a Mah Jong piece. "For smoking hashish," he said. " Do you like it?" I said it was pretty. " It's yours," he said laconically. He proved more communicative than Robin. " You believe in freedom? Right. Then everything's free. "We got machines. Machines can make machines. Do the work. No one need work. We got everything. Drop out. man. Right ? " Mumble-mumble. " Why should people want ? At Expo '67 they got a machine that could make television sets for everyone in the world in 187 minutes." I agreed that America, has a problem with automation and that if he could teach them not to feel guilty about not working he might be doing a good job. But Peter didn't like jokes. Rubbish, man Rubbish. You won't be able to talk to kids in ten years' time. They won't understand anything you say.' I wasn't sure I could talk to them already. " If the police give us three months we'll sweep the country." I thought for a minute. In three months nearly a quarter of a million kids from all over the country. Gentle hippy kids. come to .co, bed down w might and lose*: - selves in the mish Mash 'of aimless, pseudo-mystical drifting. They would be kids disenchanted With the war, with the path which the American dream has taken. Lost, lonely, afraid. California would seem a haven ! L S D an alluring illusion. The music would entrance them. It would only take a -few like Peter. A few with fire in their bellies. And they would forget about love, forget that they wanted no leaders. And they would follow the new leaders. Leaders who might be almost as perverting of their minds as LSD. Peter said he needed only three months. What it he were right .. A gentle soul, the hippy. He carries flowers to give away—to anyone, anywhere, any time.

June 19, 1967 Daily Mirror

July 26, 1967, the Journal

THE JOURNAL Wednesday July N 1967 WHO ARE THE HIPPIES , Of a score of poodle intorvienved at random Nrocestle yesterday about half had never heard of the greying American teenage cult Among those .he had were A housto.le. - They're not hoohga.s. They don go Life is for living, right here and right now Hippies—the flower pireple--are amen( the strangest phenomena of America today. They aren't violent: one of their sayings, in fact. is Love the police as much as you love yourself. Chiefly they are a reaction American conformism. Los Angeles Times staff writer DAVE FELTON lived ter a week among them, in the Haight-Ashbury district of Los Angeles which has 3.000 Hippies, 20.000 at weekends. This article is coiviamted from The Journal. Lorain. Ohm. the backyard of a twostorey Victonamstyle house in the Haight. Ashbury district of I.os Angeles a man sits swaying in an overstuffed chair. studying. as he has for an hot . a rose. From inside. the .ctronic. amplified din of th• Grateful Dead's new albu in filters through the sweet smell of freshly home-baked banana peel. On the front steps. dressed in motorcycle boots, tight gold punts and zippered leather Jacket. is Little Wolf Compina. - Reckon I better introduce myself. he says. "Little Nolt, 27 years old and half-Cherokee I'm originally from Oklahoma. but, well. I ran away from home when I was 12 Actually. my last name is Campine. which means bell Little Wolf Bell. What else• Oh se'. I'm president of the local Widow makers Bike Club and a Digger. You folks want to know what a Never is. Kind of hard to esPlain Being a Digger is more of a spirit, anyway —lust a person who. like, tries to help his fellow man" He says he s married, but he and his wife cant base any children . He help to cook for the Hippies. They call him dad, and come to him with their problems. All for free on the main living room floor, some 20 young men and women in venous csetumes and positions are passing the time Some are reading, some are staring, some are -crashing"—talling into narcotic stupors after particularly strenuous trips"—and other' are making lose or painting the walls. A teenager with blond ringlets finishes his section, stands back and throws up his arms in praise of the great white wall. "Wow:" be shouts, genuflecting Little Wolf says this Is the male straw about smasher,' places up. nay smoke marijuana They harmless" A sche•lnvester. "A lot of long-hoired layabouts rho weer eccentric dress end go in for free love." laid Stay were 'tanagers who held wild parties. That' race.' reports of a H.pp.. party .n Son Francisco when charges against Darn. Margot Fonteyn and her party's► Rudolf Nureyew war* dropped Aomori Om "don't knows" •ere those who guessed that Hippos wore Atncan animals, girls who wore a carton type of skirt, and a corruption of the word hypnotists. nigger house/. sleeping maybe 200 people a night For free." he adds. %ever turn a person asery--long as he s over 111." Rol at the moment there trouhleaith the health depart. form The, have ordered that the pioroh3ng he (teed and the place leaned up ' Whit 1 - d like to get, - says Little ' lb some of those bunk beds • r lob Cohen is promoter of The Family Dog, a H.ppe theatrical agency which .sponsors electnc rock light shows and psychedelic dooms.

August 22, 1967
Pink Floyd vs Grateful Dead

September 1, 1968
The People
I really don't understand this one

Newcastle Journal
October 18, 1968

Leicester Chronicle - Friday 29 August 1969

U.S. origins speaking free concerts are a new thing. and like aspect, of pop music thc:t in the States In this the height ol the potter boom when th.eisands hippies took over th parks of San Francisco to be entertained for nothing by groups like the Jefferson Airplane and Grateful Dead London entertainment mune). II Enterprise‘ held elan in Ilyde Park all last summer. but it wasn't until the recent Blind Faith and Rolling St .me concerti that the rrit

Published: Friday 26 September 1969
Newspaper: Harrow Observer
County: London, England

UK Take on Altamont


Published: Friday 24 April 1970
Newspaper: Liverpool Echo

Birmingham daily Post, August 15, 1970

Liverpool Echo, August 20, 1970

Liverpool Echo, January 1, 1972

March 17, 1972

Harrow Observer - Tuesday 02 May 1972

Daily Mirror - Monday 08 May 1972

Published: Tuesday 16 May 1972
Newspaper: Coventry Evening Telegraph

Published: Thursday 08 July 1976
Newspaper: Hammersmith & Shepherds Bush Gazette

Looks like Kingfish was on tour opening for Rainbow in the UK