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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I Welcome You On Behalf Of The Group, Great American Music Hall, August 13, 1975

The real story of this gig is at the great Lost Live Dead blog  
As usual, mine is just a fan site add-on.

When I picked up Make Believe Ballroom sometime late in 1975 or early in 1976 in Cambridge at one of those independent record for oh about $5, I couldn't believe it. I had loved Blues for Allah since its 9-1-1975 release date, but this was on another level. This bootleg was the closest thing to a guidepost of how the Dead would sound when I first saw them in June 9 and 12 in 1976 at the Boston Music Hall (although I wouldn't hear Help Slip Franklin's until my fourth show on April 23, 1977.)  A girl I know from college was gifted this record oh about 1978 and she says she still has it it. You are lucky Liz in Indy. A little bit more on Make Believe is ...  I couldn't risk  had to get another copy just now from Japan ebay.
Coming Soon to Me :)

I saw a show here at Great America Music Hall only once in 1981, I remember the Tony Rice Unit (yes from The Pizza Tapes), because I knew this kid from Lewiston, Maine (yes that Lewiston) Ted Carpenter, who was now known as Fred Carpenter who has a fiddle shop around Nashville.  Hi Ted.

The Famous Bill Graham Introduction into Help on the Way into Slipknot into Franklin's Tower into The Music Never Stopped is so fame I can't believe it. So Is the Eyes>Stronger then Dirt.  But the Seocond Set is also crazy good   Crazy Fingers>The Other One>Sage & Spirit>GDTRFB>US Blues followed by Blues for Allah makes this a special unique show.

Here is the music etc from this show.

Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Best Show In The History of The Grateful Dead, When The Other One Met Morning Dew, May 26, 1972

This is how the (my) creative process works.  A few days ago I wrote about the 2-15-1973 show where Dark Star met Eyes of the World for the first time and I decided to write a similar piece, When The Other One Met Morning Dew, which I thought would be like 1969 or something.

Then I noticed that The Other One did not go into Morning Dew until the last night of the Europe '72 tour on May 26, 1972.  And then I noticed that The Other One sandwiched Morning Dew. For the only time ever.  And then I noticed how rare (see chart below) this obvious pairing was.

And then I remembered sides 5 and 6 of Europe '72, my very most favorite LP sides of the Dead in the 1973-1974 era before I had seen a show were the Truckin and Morning Dew from this very show, with the Epilog and Prelude moving towards and from The Other One.

And then I remembered in 2011 when I listened to all 22 shows from the Complete Europe '72 recordings over a three week of long walks, and how they saved the very best for last.

The longest first set ever was at this show, 19 songs! and the walk off audience-clapping requested Not Fade Away>GDTRFB>Not Fade Away ends it. Also after a NRPS set prior to this. Must have been late in London already. The tenth song was Playing in the Band at 18:01 the longest version of the tune to date.  And Londontown still got a He's Gone, Cumberland, Straw, and China>Rider after that before the band accepted the request for another 18 minutes of first set "encore".

On a sad note, this was one of Pigpen last shows and we get the final versions of Two Souls, Chinatown Shuffle, Mr Charlie and Next Time You See Me, all in the first set.

It's worth making sure you have the entire show and listen gapless as the Set Two medley of Truckin'>The Other One>Morning Dew>The Other One>Sing Me Back Home is perfect followed by five more tunes to end the tour.

And then I remembered Jeff Tiedrich's amazing review of this show, calling it the best show ever by the Dead (In 2018, he says "I Stand Firmly By This Belief!)

(here's a taste, see below for full review)

And then the remember the Wiz, Dennis Leonard from Long Strange Trip from Amir Bar-Lev and his tale of letting Morning Dew record itself that night, which is the Greatest story ever told at a Dead show

And David Gan's liner notes to this 5-26-72 show in the Complete Europe '72 release is out of sight.  He creates new definitions for the styles of play. I've reprinted them below.

So I declare this the Best Show in the History of the Grateful Dead. Notice I waited until I got 500,000 hits on this site.  When I get One million, I might find something and change my mind,

A remarkable bozosandbolos Piece on this show and all europe 72

London Times Review of the 5-23-1972 show

The rare The Other One>Morning Dew

05-26-72 only sANDWICH


Friday, February 16, 2018

Bay Area Summer, 1974: A Slice of Life Before Retirement.

For the 45th anniversary of St Paul 1073 (Here Comes Sunshine>China>Rider) look to your right
For interesting views in the Bay Area (and sweet little Jerry interview), stay here
Thanks for your 500,000 views here.