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Friday, September 10, 2021

Get The Grateful Seconds eBook: At The Berkeley Greek Theater, Available in PDF and ePub On the House

 Hi Guys.  For the 40th Anniversary of the Greek Theater shows on September 11-13, 1981, I have created the First Grateful Seconds eBook.  It's not perfect as usual. 

As always, this is a complimentary labor of love.

Get it here: At The Berkeley Greek Theater eBook

The book comes in two formats a 112 page PDF and my favorite the 112 page ePub eBook with links and fun audio/visual bells and whisles thanks to .  Note, I can't get the ePub to open in my Kindle app,  but it does work in the iPhone Books app as well as free e Pub readers like Calibre.  If you prefer the PDF (easier), open it using something like Adobe because the words appear LOUDER

Thanks for Neil at for layout and eBook creatuion.

Thanks for the Grateful Dead for 30 Years of Love and Music.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Go to Grateful Dead Guide's Story of the Grateful Dead in St Louis, 1968-1971

 The amazing Grateful Dead Guide has a remarkable piece on the Grateful Dead in St Louis, 1968-1971

I'm speechless on the research here and so many photos you have never seen.  Thanks to Light Into Ashes and his Friends (Most of the research for this post was done by John Ellis and Photo Restorations by Steve Deibel. )


Thursday, September 2, 2021

40th Anniversary of the Dead at the Greek, September 11-13, 1981

 The 40th Anniverssary of the Grateful Dead playing the Greek in Berkeley is next week.  So I suggest you listen to these three shows.  As I recall, there are only audience tapes of 9/11, which is fine and maybe better since you can get a real feel for the show by sticking with the audience tapes.

In the SF Chronicle July 12, 1981

Luckily I moved to Berkeley in December 1980, with the main reason seeing more Dead shows. So after 5 at the Oakland Audiorium, December 26-31, 1980, we didn't get any in the Bay Area (with the exception of the acoustic benefits) until the Greek almost 9 months later.

Here are my collection of Grateful Seconds pieces on the Greek in 1981

September 12 The Wine Pairing Show
An early attempt to describe the Greek

Monday, July 19, 2021

Newly-Found David Gans Relix Review of My Only Show I've Never Heard on Tape (Until Today): Bobby and the Midnights, Keystone Berkeley, January 26, 1981

Today is a cool day as I discovered artifacts of the only Dead or Dead-spinoff show I ever saw in which I have never heard a tape of the show, Bobby & the Midnights spotlight show at the Keystone Berkeley January 26, 1981.  Not until today did I know that David Gans was not only at this show, but he wrote an extended review of it in Relix, Volume 8 Number 2.  Its's here

I moved to California on December 24, 1980 in time to see five Dead shows in Oakland over the next week (well, that was the point). I moved to Berkeley on January 2, 1981 and immediately started to reap the reviews

As Bobby walked through the small crowd, I fainted.  Not because its Bobby because of alcohol and lack of oxygen.  Enjoy

1980 still called the Bob Weir Band in this ad at the Stone, but is actually first SF performance of Bobby and the Midnights

Santa Cruz 

Thursday, April 29, 2021

Palladium Run 1977, April 29-May 4, 1977

 This is one of my favorite runs, I saw show 2 on April 30, 1977.

Excellent song selection, one of the last Scarlets without Fire, Help Opens

My only show ever in New York  City, released as Download Series #1, St Stephen, Top-10 1977 show

Never miss Middle shows May 1-3 that people don't discus much

This might be the most wah wah show I ever heard.  Just a compact everything is amazing show

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Dave Weidner sends me his original tape of Lewiston, Maine, September 6, 1980: An Excellent Audience Hidden for 40 Years

A modest and elusive but excellent Dead taper (according to Dick Latvala) Dave Weidner send me another of his tapes today. This one is from the Lewiston, Maine show on September 6, 1980 and might be the best one from that special night. There are many tapes from this seminal show, but Dave again shines with his, which has mostly remained hidden for the last 40 years. Note there is a little electric mess-up in Feel Like a Stranger To read about my original giant post of the Lewiston show For an earlier Dave tape from April 23, 1977,  To link to a raw (not mastered) 320 mp3 of Dave's tape of Lewiston  or dropbox link part 2 and part 3