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Friday, January 23, 2015

East to West: Grateful Dead Live at Oakland Auditorium Arena on 1980-12-26

This was my first show after I moved to California for good on December 24, 1980.
This was also my first 5-night stand in the same location. I didn't know it at the time but I had just seen my last Grateful Dead concert outside of California in Lewiston, Maine, the town I
 had lived in since 1967.

Never knew for almost 40 years that this was an "added show" which set the stage for several 5 night New Year's runs.  See for more New Year's runs information.

I had finished my last college exam on December 13 and boarded the Green Tortoise bus on December 14 in Boston arriving in Palo Alto at Johnnie's house on December 24 for my new life in the Bay Area.  I had seen the Dead three times in 1979 in Northern California during my summer living with my Uncle in Novato as I had a summer job at my gf Harriet's dads company in San Francisco that summer, but here I had moved to stay.

Today's treat is my first "Spanish Jam", although it is a tease and not even included in the Bill Graham Vault video of the show.  The tease occurred just prior to Playing In The Band.

I was learning fast that the West Coast Dead shows were not always the intense, world is on a wire, northeast shows of the 1970's, but more a laid back family fun time. Spanish Jam had disappeared from the song list in 1974 (except for once in 1976), but was going to be working back into the roster in the 1980's. I didn't see a real full fledged one (and only one) until 12-31-1984.

Spanish Jam (mp3)
50 Grateful Seconds (Next Installment 1000 Seconds!)

Spanish Jam Tease (flac)

Please come to this place for the tease, but stay for the CC Rider.  Again, this does not come across so awesome on the video, but it's great for song 4 of the first set, in my first set since moving to California for good. I prefer Joanni's audience master. Until I figure out how to stream the flac's, I will put the mp3 and the flac here.

CC Rider (mp3)

CC Rider (flac0

Bobby adds the ad-libs and Jerry cooks and the crowd loves it. '

These are my Grateful Seconds for today.  Next time, I go across the bay to the Greek (where I moved January 2, 1981)

January 23, 2015

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