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Thursday, December 24, 2015

The East-Coast Only I Need A Miracle Sing-A-Long

So there's the great Relisten app for your iphone that makes it very easy to hit any track in any dead tape in the archive. You can even play a random show.  Which I did. And I discovered the great late East-Coast Only I Need A Miracle Sing-A-Long.

Now after I stopped seeing the Grateful Dead on the East Coast after the Lewiston show in 1980, I the only saw the mellow California Dead for the rest of my show-going career.

Take for example, the Oade brothers tape in Berkeley on June 16, 1985.  The Boys surprising hot Miracle after Goin Down The Road Feeling Bad on a nice Sunday afternoon at the Greek (after bringing back Crytical a few minutes earlier for the first time in almost 100 years) and even then the audience is just dancing and doing that California thing.

But only a few months earlier on  March 25, 1985 at the historic Springfield Civic Center, heard the audience scream out.  Then try Philly on April 20, 1984 and countless others. You will see the East Coast loved to sing I Need A Miracle LOUD.  Here's March 31, 1987 that you hear on soundcloud and show some Philly love.

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