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Wednesday, July 24, 2019

The First Ride The Tiger Shows, Oakland August 4-5, 1979

My first Grateful Dead shows ever in the Bay Area were #33 and #34 out of 80 on August 4 and 5, 1979 at the debut of the Oakland Auditorium.  This was also the show where Jerry Garcia switched guitars to Tiger (see

On night one, we got the very first Althea  and first Lost Sailor which slipped into Deal.

August 5 give us the second Althea and Lost Sailor, prior to the invention of Saint of Circumstance. it was still Heaven Fight Tiger, ie Lost Sailor>Althea>Promise Land. This night also gave me a view of Hamza Al-Din

While these aren\t my favorite shows of the 1970's or even 1979, they were still fun and I was rocking the Dead in the Bay Area finally, which I would do another 35+ times.
Here are some memories of these shows

Ride the Tiger, Day One
Music from both shows

1979 through 1990- TIGER
August 4th 1979 at The Oakland Auditorium
 Tiger debuts

   "Tiger" (pearl coverplate) Description: Seven years to make, ebony fingerboard on maple neck, an arched cocobola top and back, vermilion neck and body striping, and W. flamed-maple body core. Meticulous scrolled inlay finger position markers and hand-crafted brass hardware; Strat approach, but with one DiMarzio SDS-1 single coil and two DiMarzio Super 2 humbuckers that were easily removed 'cause Jerry thought their ouput weakened after a year or two. Also had Jerry's effects bypass loop (he knew his electronics!), as well as an op-amp buffer/amp to maintain the high end during effects "on". Result: Garcia's favorite guitar for the next ll years & most played.  Jerry strapped this heavy 13 1/2-pound guitar for 11 years.


Best review of these shows at Lost Live Dead

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