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Friday, September 29, 2017

1977 Dead Roll Away to 3,000 in Seattle 9-28 and 9-29

After playing to at least 110,000 in Englishtown, the Dead next slowed down the machine and entertained 3,000 each night in Seattle at the Paramount Northwest on September 28 and 29, 1977.
Hear Sept 29 here.

Happy 40th Anniversary you north west guys.  While the first night was pretty mediorce, the band rocked Seattle on Sept 29 including a great Sugaree Let It Grow>Franklins Towwer to end the first set and a rock solid Estimated>He's Gone>Truckin>Stella Blue>GDTRFB>JGB
with a Uncle John's encore to end the show.

The Times reviewed the first night calling it "lively"  but the second night ruled.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cincinnati October 2 1976: The Battle of Students vs Grumpy Reporters

We all know how good October 1976 was in Grateful Dead History. Unless you were a newspaper reporter. In Ohio. In October 1976.  Imagine a show with a rare split The Other One and the Dead are called "Old and Tired" in on paper, and "Has time passed by the Grateful Dead?" in the other.

No dudes, time just had stood still there for you "pop music critics" in Cincinnati. Maybe that's why they waited almost 9 more years to play there again at River Bend. Here's the show

There's a average set one until the end when there is a nice Let It grow going into Might as Well (not quite Let It grow>Goin Down the Road earlier in the week, but still 1976 precious.)

Set two. Since this is during the split Dancin era  (all four split Dancin' shows were during October 1976 including the night before in Indy and the night after at the Cobo.

So the band decided to take the night off from splitting Dancin in the Streets and instead split another tune:  Dancin' In The Streets-> Drums-> The Other One-> Stella Blue-> The Other One-> Sugar Magnolia.  And I love this rare split The Other Ones. In fact. maybe I'll have to write about these sometime.

As you can see below, the local Ohio papers did not find the Dead all that good. But the U of C college paper loved them, of course.  College students rule.

The article in the Cincinnati Enquirer below from October 31, 1971 shows that the big newspapers here always were negative towards our heroes.  Fuck 'em.

Fortunately in Cincinnati, there is a college, the University of Cincinnati and their ace student report Douglas Fechter writes a credible review of the show.

In this week in Gratful Dead history, the band played to more than 9.000 at least three times (Detroit, Syracuse, Indianapolis)  but not likely in Cincinnati.  Columbus on September 30 drew only 3,032.

Elvis drew 35,080 to Cincinnati in March of 1976 and also opened with See See Rider.

Split Other one

Row Jimmy
El Paso
Tennessee Jed
All Over Now
B. E. Women
Let It Grow
Might As Well

Big River
Other One
Stella Blue
Other One
Sugar Magnolia

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Telluride 1987

Can you imagine seeing the @gratefuldead here? This is @telluride  Both Shows are Here

Rob Eaton suggested on Facebook this week that the Spring 1987 tour was the bomb.  Rob's never wrong so I deccided to take a look at these shows in Rob's Colorado, the Telluride shows In August 1987.  Since you can ski until June or July, August counts as Spring in Colorado, right?

Many others have done a great job covering this show here are some I like:

And by 1987, several of the late grate Dead fanzines were in Colorado in full force. You can see several of their thoughts below as well.  Yes, I always have a fond spot for Blair and Regan.

And the Charlie Miller Masters which you can link to above (mp3 because FLAC takes too much space in my dropbox after doing this blog for 3 years, you can alway go to LL or BT.ETREE if you need the flacs or message me and I can help).

The fresh start of the first day with Feel Like A Stranger>Franklin's Tower feels just right for this show.  Scarlet Fire is also top-notch late 1980's.  There are a lot of high level shows in 1987 like the Dew La Bamba show at  MSG on Sept 18, New Years and pretty much anything in the Spring  (Frost for example). So the Telluride shows don't really compare in "band performance", "song selection" to many other shows of the year.  But just look at this place. Feel the energy. Don't ya wish it was 30 years ago again today? We have been thinking of 1977 and its 40th anniversary, but lets not forget 1987 too.  Enjoy this little remembrance of the past.

Golden Road
Thanks for Your Years Blair and Regan !

Golden Road

Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Reviewer: Ole Uncle John - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - March 19, 2005
Subject: Why Jerry? Why?
"Why did you have to go and ruin Bobby's 30th B-day show like that? Why did you have to follow his peppy little Promised Land opener with a 17 min plus colossus of a Sugaree?? Did you have to remind him and us who's the Master and who's the young apprentice? We knew,he knew, we still know."  Ironically another young apprentice was born on this date and his name was John Mayer.

SO Jerry gave Bobby the Boss birthday gift, a monster Sugaree on Bobby's 30th birthday down in the bayou of Baton Rouge.  It was a Louisana Woman and a Mississipi Man who walked the river to give Louisiana (remember NOLA 1970?) a rare Grateful Dead show

This show had some real nice Late 1977 moments,  killer Sugaree and Cassidy, first set Direwolf and nice Music Never Stops (thanks Bobby on your birthday).

Set two includes a very strong Scarlet>Fire,  big 1977 outro for Estimated and a unique paring of The One One>Good Lovin that heads in Terrapin and Black Peter.  Guess that was another Bobby birthday present.  I remember the first time I was listening to set two and Boom!,  Good Lovin out of The Other One.  Sorry you can't hear that above, due to copyright issues, but go to Road Trips 1.2 anywhere and take a listen.  Anyways you should be hearing Sugaree right about now too. Funny that Shreveport reviews the Dallas 10-15 show (below) instead of this one. Peace.

Assembly Center - Louisiana State University
LocationBaton RougeLA
Date10/16/77 - Sundayposterstickets, passes & laminates
OneThe Promised Land [4:01] ; Sugaree [16:49] ; Cassidy [4:27] ; Loser [7:43] ; New Minglewood Blues [5:06] ; Friend Of The Devil [8:26] ; Sunrise [3:45] ; Dire Wolf [3:35] ; The Music Never Stopped [8:17]
TwoScarlet Begonias [9:51] > Fire On The Mountain [9:19] ; Estimated Prophet [12:19] > Drums [5:50] > The Other One [8:08] > Good Lovin' [5:50] > Terrapin Station [11:11] > Black Peter [13:03] > Around And Around [8:43]
EncoreU.S. Blues [5:57]
CommentsI believe this is the last show Jerry Garcia used the travis Bean guitar.

Oct 16, 1977 8 live tracks Road Trips: Vol 1, No 2: October 1977, Grateful Dead, 2008

Oct 16, 1977 3 live tracks Road Trips: Vol 1, No 2: October 1977 Bonus CD, Grateful Dead
, 2008

A Louisiana View of Dallas Later in the Week

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Cosmic Durability of the Grateful Dead Traverse Park West September 4, 1983

Hooray, its 1983 Dead.  The band always wanted to play outside in Utah and I can understand that.  When I moved to California on the Green Tortoise in December 1980 just prior to my first fivr night stand, we stopped near El Paso and took a little boat over to Mexico to get some Peyote. Which I enjoyed that night as daylight broke in Utah.  It was only then that I realized that every mountain in Utah was on fire and looked exactly like Mt Rushmore. True story.

Unfortunately I was a spoiled Bay Area Deadhead three years later in 1983 and walked or took Bart to most of my Dead shows instead of a short 1000 or so mile road trip to see an Oudoor Utah show at a ski resort or as the Honolulu Advertiser says in 1983, the cosmic durability of the Grateful Dead.   I heard that Scarlet>Fire is a killer at this show, as it most have been, and there is a nice three song video feed of the show at the bottom of this one.  So enjoy the look and feel and sound of Utah outdoor show in 1983 and tell me what really happened when you show this in person.

This was one of those historic shows with China>Rider and Scarlet>Fire played back to back to back to back.