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Sunday, August 5, 2018

From Alice D Millonaire to Salt Lake City: 30 Songs That Opened a Grateful Dead Show Only One Time, 1966-1995

In the 2,000 plus shows the Grateful Dead played, there were 30 tunes that opened the song only once. 6 of these opened the acoustic set in 1969, 1970 and 1980. Obviously the early year stats are like maybes and subject to change. Please let me know if I missed any or made any other flubs

10-06-1966 Alice D. Millionaire, no tape
01-30-1968 Gloria, no tape
04-22-1969 Sitting On Top of the World, The Ark in Boston
06-11-1969 Let It Be Me (Bobby Ace & The Cards from the Bottom show, California Hall), no tape
05-15-1970 Ballad of Casey Jones (acoustic set, late) Fillmore East, one of those 65+ song shows
08-05-1970 Candyman (acoustic show, is this a real show?)
10-31-1970 Til The Morning Comes , famous Stonybrook Halloween
03-25-1972 Hey Bo Diddley (with Bo Diddley of course at the Academy)
02-15-1973 Loose Lucy, second version ever
02-21-1973 Wave That Flag (US Blues opened multiple. U of Illinois)
12-04-1973 Johnny B Goode (crazy Cincinnati show with very late start

03-23-1975 Blues for Allah, Snack benfir Kezar

06-17-1975 Crazy Fingers, Winterland
02-26-1977 Terrapin Station (first one), Swing, San Bernardino
05-09-1978 Franklin's Tower, Syracuse
12-13-1978 Passenger, Tampa
09-25-1980  Bird Song (acoustic set, first 1980 acoustic show), Warfield
10-02-1980 Dark Hollow (acoustic set), Warfield
10-31-1980 Heaven Help the Fool (acoustic set), Radio City
08-21-1983 Cassidy, Frost
04-13-1984  Day Job, Hampton
10-31-1985  Space>Werewolves of London, South Carolina only show
06-25-1985  Day Tripper, Blossum
11-21-1985  Big Boy Pete, Kaiser
03-21-1986  Roadrunner, Hampton
03-03-1987  The Mighty Quinn, Kaiser
06-21-1989 Hideaway, Shoreland, PPV show
10-23-1989 California Earthquake, Charlotte
06-17-1991 Eyes of the World, Giant's
02-21-1995 Salt Lake City, Salt Lake city

Thanks to the folks at Deadbase 50 for saving me hours weeks of research and Deadlists for the color.

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