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Monday, January 14, 2019

Hey Now: My Only Utica Show, January 14, 1979

Here's an obscure little show up in Utica 40 years ago today on January 14, 1979. It was my first show of nearly 20 in 1979 and 20th show just four days shy of my 19th birthday. Since this night
# of Dead concerts > Dave's age.  This will be the case until 2040.

This was a very small show, general admission and was so easy so I ran right to the front easily   It was a rescheduled show from 12-2-78

There is a cool little  Miracle>Bertha>Good Lovin, only the 6th one ever but then played about ever other show the rest of the year.  Go back a few years and it's like those Promise Land>Bertha>Greatest Story medley of the hits like you might get in a Vegas showroom show :).

This show was taped by Dave Weidner, a cool guy I meet at the 4-23-77 show. For more on Dave and his totally boss Springfield 77 tape go here:

Set two has my second Iko, Iko, very different from my first at Colgate 11-4-77.
Strong versions in the first set of a numer of tunes like It's All Over Now, Jack-A-Roe and Lazy Lighting>Supplication. Tunes are here 


Larry said...

Oh Jeez - Bobby's playing slide on Cold Rain and Snow... He's using his Althea licks. Even though Althea hasn't been debuted yet...

Grateful Seconds said...

i never knew that pre-Althea tease