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Sunday, June 28, 2020

May 13, 1983 at the Greek: My 7th Straight Greek Show

I was not able to break my Oakland Auditorium record at the Greek as my streak stopped at seven with this show.  I saw Garcia in the blazing 1975-1982 corridor, and by 1983 I began to ship shows (sacrilege I Know you Rider). This one has a hot middle of the show Bird Song, Let It Grow, China>Rider, Estimated>Eyes so you can't go wrong on the Friday night show

Of note,these were the first Greek shows where the heat came by and busted [some] for smiling on a cloudy day/

Ed Perlstein (buy his work), getty images can sue me for my zero dollars in revenue from my blog

1980-1982, 15 Straight New Year's Run shoes at the Oakland
1981-1983, 7 Straight Greek theater Shows

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