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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Beautiful Voices on June 12, 1976

There are 14,414 days between today and my second Grateful Dead concert. I had seen my first show three nights earlier on June 9, 1976 in the same Boston Music Hall and I was happy to see more.

This was the only show I was ever late to and we came into the show during the third song The Music Never Stopped missing a Samson & Delilah opener and an outstanding Row Jimmy.

There is a show of rare song selection and pairing including a rare second set opener of The Wheel, a combination of Wharf Rat>Comes A Time and an encore of Sugar Magnolia>US Blues>Sunshine Daydream. 

This is also a FM radio broadcast, thus was an early tape in my collection. 

When I listened to the first set this morning, I recalled hearing my only Mission In The Rain that I ever heard with the Dead and it is beautiful.  What I didn't remember was the Looks Like Rain that follows.

.The 1976 Grateful Dead had beautiful voices, Jerry, Bobby and Ms Donna Jean Godchaux,  Listen to  Jerry's Mission, but stay for the Looks Like Rain with Bobby and Donna.  There is some fun banter in the middle.  This Looks Like Rain is the November 19 pick for 30 Days of the Dead 2014.

The whole show is here,


Pig Street! said...

Good Stuff, Great post, Killer Band and yes they were signing nicely then. I love the video of this night. It shows the chemistry between the band especially Help>Slip>Franklins. Also shows Donna just standing there. I guess with no instrument and just relying solely on her voice; all she could do is stand there. All in all after they came out of the studio they had some harmonizing. Always nice to recall sharing a first show with you.

Grateful Seconds said...

Thanks Pig Street. These were so fun so very long ago to my 17 year old version of me