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Monday, September 30, 2019

The Dead Got Their Vegas Chips Cashed In At Sam Boyd, April 27-28, 1991

After four one-off shows in 1969, 1981, 1983 and 1984, the Grateful Dead came, saw and conquered Las Vegas. The April  1991 shows were the first two of 14 shows between 1991 and 1994 and an important part of the annual Dead schedule to the end.

According to Billboard nearly 40,000 a day paid $23.50 a ticket for a $1,856,000 sell-out box office.

There were 77 shows in 1991, these shows barely scratch the top-20 but I suspect it was an amazing experience followed by all-night wandering in and around the casinos on the strip. There was a nice split Sugar Mag Sunshine. the fourth from the last of these sandwiches.
Alot of folks think the Foolish Heart, Saint of Circumstance, Crazy Fingers and Truckin predrums is the top part of the weekend.

The shows in mp3

Thanks Deadlists
4/27/91 - Saturday posters tickets, passes & laminates
One Touch Of Grey ; Walkin' Blues ; Friend Of The Devil ; Mexicali Blues > Maggie's Farm ; Loose Lucy ; Cassidy ; Might As Well
Two Sugar Magnolia ; Scarlet Begonias > Fire On The Mountain ; Playing In The Band ; Uncle John's Band > Drums > Space > I Need A Miracle > Black Peter ; One More Saturday Night
Encore The Weight
Comments Carlos Santana opened

4/28/91 - Sunday posters tickets, passes & laminates
Jack Straw ; Candyman ; Wang Dang Doodle ; Althea ; Me And My Uncle > Big River ; Bird Song [17:39] (1) (2)
Two Foolish Heart ; Saint Of Circumstance ; Crazy Fingers ; Truckin' ; Deal ; Drums > Space > The Other One > Wharf Rat > Around And Around ; Sunshine Daydream
Encore Box Of Rain
Comments Santana opened ; (1) Carlos Santana sits in; (2) {shimmery intro [:26] > head & verse 1 [2:38] > extended jam [5:32] > Santana solos and more jam [6:45] > verse 2 & close [2:02]}

Friday, September 27, 2019

Don't Ease Me Into Lafayette College, May 7, 1979

Nice review of the show that mentions the first five songs (typical)

So cool when Cippolina shows up out of nowhere to play in a college hockey rink.  This was the hardest ticket to get before the show so for weeks people were paying up for it.  I was poor college student and I figured out that if you go close to the arena you could get tiockets for cost or under so I was lucky.  At the parking lot tickets were like $5 more. Crazy but good knowledge gained.  This was a super fun show sounded great.  Enjoy

show is here

Don't Ease Me In
Me And My Uncle >
Big River
Looks Like Rain
Tennessee Jed
New Minglewood Blues
Shakedown Street
Jack Straw
Stagger Lee
Estimated Prophet >
Eyes Of The World >
Drums >
Space >
Not Fade Away* >
Black Peter* >
Around & Around*
U.S. Blues
* w/ John Cippolina

My First Tour, Day 3 Baltimore May 5, 1979 MY Only Baltimore Show

A most excellent review by the tremendous Dead Listening website  (come oout of retirement please !) 

This was third night in a row to see brent debut with the ban. In my 80 shows, I saw 24 with Keith, 55 with Brent and 1 with Vince.

The Dead Listening review is the show provides all you need but this was my first super hot brent show with Dancin in the Street, and Scarlet>Fire both off the charts even in my first viewing (a la Cornell!) and a remarkable Other One too.

Jack Straw >
El Paso
Friend Of The Devil
It's All Over Now
Tennessee Jed
Dancin' In The Street
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain
Samson & Delilah >
He's Gone >
Drums >
Space >
The Other One >
Wharf Rat >
Sugar Magnolia
One More Saturday Night

My First Brent Show Charlotte May 3, 1979 (His Second)

Me and The Girl With No Name and Bob and Sam drove from Lewison, Maine to Charlotte in one long day, making sure to smoke a joint as we entered every new state from Mainer to NH to Mass to RI to CT to NY to NJ to Del to Mary to Vir to NC. I think that's right. Bob later became a well known taper and the rest of us were just along for the ride.

In Charlotte, I met Joani Walker for the first time. We were all going to 6 shows in 7 days, our first real tour and first shows out of the North East.  

This was Brent's second show.

I recall it felt like a band getting his footing again, which is was. And it may have been my one of my least fav shows of the 1970s but we were on the road and seeing the Dead. It would get better at the fam Hampton and Baltimore venues the next two nights.

Ill give you Brent's first Terrapin which was followed by Brent's first Playin sandwich.

The Promised Land
Brown Eyed Women
Me And My Uncle >
Big River
Stagger Lee
Looks Like Rain
Row Jimmy
It's All Over Now
Samson & Delilah
Tennessee Jed
Terrapin Station >
Playing In The Band >
Drums >
Space >
Black Peter >
Not Fade Away >
Playing In The Band
U.S. Blues

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

New Box Set Highlights July 9-10, 1989 Shows at Giants Stadium

For everyone who just grabbed the Giants Stadium Box Set, I'll provide a little flava.  Here are some noted from the 1989 shows July 9-10.  This was the biggest 2 night stand of the year with 115,000 fans spending $2.4 million for ticket sales, two nights after 75,000 filled JFK in Philly