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Sunday, February 21, 2021

Dave Weidner sends me his original tape of Lewiston, Maine, September 6, 1980: An Excellent Audience Hidden for 40 Years

A modest and elusive but excellent Dead taper (according to Dick Latvala) Dave Weidner send me another of his tapes today. This one is from the Lewiston, Maine show on September 6, 1980 and might be the best one from that special night. There are many tapes from this seminal show, but Dave again shines with his, which has mostly remained hidden for the last 40 years. Note there is a little electric mess-up in Feel Like a Stranger To read about my original giant post of the Lewiston show For an earlier Dave tape from April 23, 1977,  To link to a raw (not mastered) 320 mp3 of Dave's tape of Lewiston  or dropbox link part 2 and part 3