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Friday, March 29, 2019

The Eleven Longest Jerry Bands Songs

To honor the release of the Eel
Here's 11 Jerry songs for 4 and a half hours, all over 20 minutes, none from commercial releases. Enjoy! You can download the MP3s here  I'm working on the FLACs but should be up same place

After Midnight 2-2-80 Stone
Lonesome 4-3-76 Lisner GW University
Not Fade Away 7-9-1977 Asbury Park
Mystery Train 12-31-75 Keystone
La La  9-1-74 Keystone
Are You Lonely 1-17-74 Keystone
My Funny Valentine 10-12-73 Keystone
Merl's Tune 7-5-73 The Lion's Share
The System 1-25-73 Boarding House
Man Child  1-15-72 Keystone Korner
Don't let go 2-19-78 Civic Auditorium

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Jerry Garcia Fans Strike Back: Buffalo, November 30, 1977

Just a few weeks after the three monster Dead November 4-6 shows in Upstate New York (all officially released by the band), and six month after the famous May 9 Grateful Dead down the street in Buffalo, Jerry Garcia took the JGB back to the New Gym at Buffalo State on November 30, 1977.
There is a sweet audience recording here in FLAC and MP3.  All when well until...

All hell broke loose in Buffalo.

The usually reliable and loving Buffalo Spectrum newspaper send out a reporter, who in the midst of one Garcia's most awesome eras (and month!) and in the same state wrote an incredibly terrible review of Garcia. All I can say is fuck that guy.  As did all of these letters to the editor written the very next issue.

Reading these letters makes me proud to be a Deadhead and almost (just almost) makes me want to move to Buffalo.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Waiting for Jerry Garcia: The Great American String (Music) Band

A really funny band three things

1. JGMF Piece on the May 5, 1974 keystone Berkeley show with an amazing review by Sam Silver

2. The last show June 13, 1974 also at the Keystone in FLAC and MP3 here
The same week as the June 8, 1974 Day on the Green show

3. Played only seven known shows

Monday, March 25, 2019

240,500 Grateful Dead Fans Can't Be Wrong: We Paid $4 Million to Get Me to the Greek

The Pinnacle at the Greek

I saw the Dead 80 times but luckily 13 were at my favorite venue the Greek in Berkeley. It was my favorite place. 1981 (3) 1982 (3) 1983 (1) 1984 (1) 1985 (3) 1986 (2) 1987-1989 zero.

We deadheads bought almost a quarter million tickets. The final 27 shows were all sold out and scalped at high prices.  The final two years were $30 Rex benefits. 

Year         Shows Tickets Price Sales
10/1/1967       5,000    2.00    $10,000
10/20/1968     6,000    2.50    $15,000
1981 3 25,500 11.50 $293,250
1982         3 25,500 12.00 $306,000
1983         3 25,500 13.00 $331,500
1984         3 25,500 14.00 $357,000
1985         3 25,500 15.00 $382,500
1986         3 25,500 16.00 $408,000
1987         3 25,500 17.50 $446,250
1988         3 25,500 30.00 $765,000
1989         3 25,500 30.00 $765,000
 Greek    29 240,500 16.96  4,079,500

A few more Greek stories:


Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Bob and Brent Solo Show in San Rafael, April 26, 1988

There were a few acoustic benefits with Brent and Bobby in 1988.  Today you can listen to April 26, 1988 at the Marin Vets in San Rafael. Have fun. Get the music here

Monday, March 11, 2019

The Year Before in the Pacific Northwest: Portland at the Paramount, July 26, 1972

"Hey Man, you got the wrong band. Don't believe everything you read in Time Magazine" says Phil as they slip into the Mexicali Hat Dance.  Despite the official release of day 2 as Download Series #10 (and 6 tunes from night one), Day four is the one.

The Year Before in the Pacific Northwest, The Dead hit  Four-Shows at the Paramounts Tour July 21-26, 1972

But frankly, I'd take any of these Summer 1972 gems.
The Dead rocked a sold out quartet of shows at the Paramounts in Seattle and Portland in front of about 12,000 fans.  Wow please invent a time machine and bring me back.
Oh and the Dead had such a good time they returned to Oregon for a Field Trip in August :)
Focus on July 26, the #6 show for 1972 in Deadbase 11,  a very high ranking in a very strong year.  If you need the music  Sadly Pigpen was home sick.

While many disagree on the strength of this show, when it appeared in 1991 as a new 1972 SBD it got a lot of buzz in the Dead community.  I personally love the look and feel of this one and especially the Dark Star>Comes A Time.  Give it a shot!

Set 1:
d1t01 - Tuning
d1t02 - Cold Rain And Snow
d1t03 - Black Throated Wind
d1t04 - Mississippi Half-Step
d1t05 - Mexicali Blues
d1t06 - Sugaree
d1t07 - El Paso
d1t08 - China Cat Sunflower >
d1t09 - I Know You Rider
d1t10 - Jack Straw
d2t01 - Tennessee Jed
d2t02 - Playing In The Band
d2t03 - Casey Jones

Set 2:
d2t04 - The Promised Land
d2t05 - He's Gone
d2t06 - Me And My Uncle
d2t07 - You Win Again
d2t08 - Greatest Story Ever Told
d2t09 - Ramble On Rose
d3t01 - Dark Star >
d3t02 - Comes A Time
d3t03 - Sugar Magnolia
d3t04 - Brown Eyed Women
d3t05 - Beat It On Down The Line
d3t06 - Stella Blue
d4t01 - Not Fade Away >
d4t02 - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad >
d4t03 - Not Fade Away
d4t04 - One More Saturday Night