Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Sounds From the Short Split Dancin Era, Indianapolis October 1, 1976

The Tunes from the Show

Indianapolis was always a popular place for the Dead with nearly 10,000 paid to see them on October 1, 1976.  Indy missed them obviously with no show in 1974 in 1975 after the early Playin' in the Band sandwich on October 27, 1973.  Lucky Fall 1976 was hot just like Fall 1973.

10/1 also had an excellent Scarlet and Promise Land to end the first set as well as truly long slipknot in the middle of Help on the Way and Franklin's Tower in set two.

I love all rare split Dead tunes and tonight we get Dancin in the Street>short drums The Wheel)> rare Ship of Fools late set slowdown>Dancin in the Street> Goin Down the Road>Saturday Night.  This was the very first Dancin' split of four, all which occur during the next two weeks.

Just a fun excellent show in the middle of of a bunch of fun excellent shows Sept and Oct 1976.
Here are all the Dancin sandwiches

Monday, May 13, 2019

Scenes from Santa Cruz


Grateful Dead mascot

Grateful Dread

PRECISION is a word that doesn't spring to mind when one considers the Grateful Dead. These good old boys of window pane rock 'n' roll blend tasty riffs and time tested lyrics to please an audience which will hitchhike the world over to see their heros, stand barefoot in line for hours, then crush together in a mass of humanity that would do a Bejing street scene proud in order to get within 200 feet of Jerry Garcia. All the above criteria was adheared to nicely Saturday afternoon at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds when Northern Stage Productions staged the Dead in a three-hour concert before some 12,000 fans. Bob Weir was screaming something

about the sun shining in his backdoor someday and Garcia was dishing out those delicious licks which has made him a standard in rock guitaring when a great portion of the crowd which had been languishing in the fairground parking lot for better than two hours finally got a look at the specially-constructed stage with the band in action. Some poor souls, undoubtedly impeded by ingesting various mind-altering substances, had started parking their cars nearly three miles from the fairgrounds earlier in the afternoon, only to find out that they had a long, long walk through some very vacant fields to the fairgrounds, where there was plenty of parking. Once inside, the crowd found a sound system which was mush up close, robbing their ears of the intricasies which symbolize the Dead's musical abilities. This, added to a playlist which is tattered from long years of use, resulted in an entirely forgetable performance. But, happily for those faithful followers, it didn't seem to make a damn bit of difference. Why else would this group of conspicuously adult fans gladly refer to themselves as Dead Heads? BILL LOVEJOY

Jerry Garcia squeezes out a guitar riff

Thursday, May 2, 2019

My First Neil Young Crazy Horse Show, Boston, November 22, 1976

Excuse me for mixing a little early and late into the soundcloud

The very first night I saw Neil & Crazy Horse they encored with "Homegrown" (in honor of his new 2017 release of his unreleased 1975 LP) but I was home asleep in my dorm at prep school.  This was the era of separate admissions (7pm and 10pm) and you must be home before Mr Cobb finds out.
As I skipped out on a weekend from Andover during my Senior Year to see Neil Young & Crazy Horse rock the Boston Music Hall where I had seen the Dead twice earlier that year in June. Note that I had seen tthe short lived Stills Young Band at the Garden just two weeks after the Dead.

Since I had a 11pm curfew (or was it 1030?), I could only stay for the seperate admission first show.  And since I bought a single ticket the night of the show, I sat in the Front Row, stage left. Crazy huh. Maybe I paid $8.50.  And sure enough 15 or 20 yearslater  I discovered that the first show this night was a classic Neil Young bootleg with numerous versions and numerous covers.

This is a monster show (actually two monster shows) which is a greatest hits. Can you imagine, all those Neil jams back to back to back to back to back from the front row.  I would only see a few more shows in my life, but very happy that a young version of me who had only seen the Dead 3 times at this point got to see this one.  You can have both shows here.

First Show (Saw)
The Old Laughing Lady
Guilty Train
Human Highway
Journey Through the Past
The Needle and the Damage Done
Give Me Strength
A Man Needs a Maid
Sugar Mountain

Country Home
Don't Cry No Tears
Down by the River
Lotta Love
Like a Hurricane
After the Gold Rush
Cortez the Killer
Cinnamon Girl
Encore Are You Ready for the Country?

Second Show (Didnt See)
Tell Me Why
Roll Another Number (For the Road)
Journey Through the Past
The Needle and the Damage Done
A Man Needs a Maid
Sugar Mountain

Country Home
Don't Cry No Tears
Drive Back
Cowgirl in the Sand
Bite the Bullet
Lotta Love
Like a Hurricane
After the Gold Rush
Are You Ready for the Country?
Cortez the Killer
Cinnamon Girl

Southern Man

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Phil Lesh Talks about 1971 and 1990 in Grateful Dead History

Have fun.  Phil speaks about Dead years prior to his year re-creation shows
In 2015, Phil Lesh spoke about his memories of years like 1971 and 1990 prior to recreating shows from those years

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Ralph J Gleason Brings You Inside the April 6, 1969 Avalon Show with Gram Parsons and The Flying Burrito Brothers, Aum and the Grateful Dead

Here is some beautiful Ralph J Gleason writing from 50 years ago this weekend

Gram Parsons would play Long Black Limousine more then 8 months before the Dead add it to the mix.  Wonder if Burritos wore Nudie suits. But the highlight is the Death Don't and Ralph's writing.
As usual the real write up is here  Long Lost Dead.  This is just some bells and whistles.

There is a great Owsley connection I am tracking down

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Let It Grow: A Study of the Grateful Dead in Newspapers, 1968-1994

Newspaper mentions growth for the Grateful Dead were off the charts between 1968 and 1994, with the biggest growth coming after Jerry Garcia's return from his coma in 1986. The return, coupled with  stadium tour with Bob Dylan saw the total number of mentions in 20 key newspapers grow from 474 in 1968 up to 4,165 in 1987. 

Average Grateful Dead mentions per Newspaper in 20 newspapers per year

1968    24 times per newspaper for the year
1973    53 times per newspaper for the year
1977    76 times per newspaper for the year
1982    85 times per newspaper for the year
1987   208 times per newspaper for the year
1991   217 times per newspaper for the year
1994   279 times per newspaper for the year

While there was a big jump from 1968 to 1973. a lot of this was due to coverage of the Watkins Glen event, especially in papers like the NY daily News and Philadelphia Inquirer.  Most of the 20 papers I selected for this study, were very pro-Dead, which reflected their local readership.  After back to back to back to back blow up shows, the St Louis  Post-Dispatch in 1973 became a top-5 nationwide paper for Dead fans to read about the Dead.

The hot 1977 shows saw the Los Angeles Times and the small Asbury Park press both significantly increase their Dead coverage, as did the NY Daily News and the San Francisco Examiner and Chronicle (with about a million Winterland shows that year).

Dead coverage pretty much plateaued out with 1982 seeing very limited growth. One paper that expanded its coverage in the early 1980's was the Hartford Courtant.

Then came 1987 with more than double Dead awareness from 1987.  Interesting the Orlando Sentinel started its massive push into Dead news (maybe Deadheads started to retire to FL?).  And 1987 news stayed at that level 1991.   Finally during the era of the 1990's as the Dead were typically the top-grossing touring act of the era, we saw another giant increase in articles on the band. 

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Eleven Longest Jerry Bands Songs

To honor the release of the Eel
Here's 11 Jerry songs for 4 and a half hours, all over 20 minutes, none from commercial releases. Enjoy! You can download the MP3s here  I'm working on the FLACs but should be up same place

After Midnight 2-2-80 Stone
Lonesome 4-3-76 Lisner GW University
Not Fade Away 7-9-1977 Asbury Park
Mystery Train 12-31-75 Keystone
La La  9-1-74 Keystone
Are You Lonely 1-17-74 Keystone
My Funny Valentine 10-12-73 Keystone
Merl's Tune 7-5-73 The Lion's Share
The System 1-25-73 Boarding House
Man Child  1-15-72 Keystone Korner
Don't let go 2-19-78 Civic Auditorium

Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Jerry Garcia Fans Strike Back: Buffalo, November 30, 1977

Just a few weeks after the three monster Dead November 4-6 shows in Upstate New York (all officially released by the band), and six month after the famous May 9 Grateful Dead down the street in Buffalo, Jerry Garcia took the JGB back to the New Gym at Buffalo State on November 30, 1977.
There is a sweet audience recording here in FLAC and MP3.  All when well until...

All hell broke loose in Buffalo.

The usually reliable and loving Buffalo Spectrum newspaper send out a reporter, who in the midst of one Garcia's most awesome eras (and month!) and in the same state wrote an incredibly terrible review of Garcia. All I can say is fuck that guy.  As did all of these letters to the editor written the very next issue.

Reading these letters makes me proud to be a Deadhead and almost (just almost) makes me want to move to Buffalo.