Monday, October 14, 2019

Early Utah Dead: A Color TV in Every Room, September 26, 1970: Two New Songs Played at the Gig Discovered

This show in Salt Lake City in 1970 was the second ever Dead performance in Utah (of 9) and there is no tape of the show known.  

Before today, there were certain songs that were known to have been played.This information according to DeadBase IX, which lists [acoustic] I Know You Rider; Ripple; Candyman; Friend Of The Devil; [electric] Big Boss Man; Uncle John > Casey Jones; Morning Dew. There is no SBD of this show in the vault.

But thanks to the recent addition of some 1970 Salt Lake Tribune newspapers, we have two new songs
Here are some new songs: Not Fade Away and Dancin in the Streets never before reported.

Monday, October 7, 2019

The Other Cape Cod Show October 28, 1979: Amazing Deadbase Review

Two Consecutive Nights
Two Consecutive Sets
Two Consecutive Franklin's Towers
Nearly 40 Lovely Minutes

This was a great show especially when they played another 18 minutes plus of Franklin out of Half Step in set one

Show is here

Friday, October 4, 2019

New Box Set Highlights July 12, 1987 Giants Stadium Show, Also on Video

Some more media attention to the 1987 show at Giants Stadium. part of the new Giants Box Set, 1987, 1989 and 1991.

This of course was part of the Dylan Dead tour and had an extra Dead set backing Bobby Z.

One Hell In A Bucket [5:49] ; West L.A. Fadeaway [6:46] ; Greatest Story Ever Told (1) [4:04] ; Loser [6:15] ; Tons Of Steel [4:51] ; Take A Step Back Tuning ; Ramble On Rose [6:19] ; When I Paint My Masterpiece [4:33] ; When Push Comes To Shove [4:34] ; The Promised Land [3:53] > Bertha [6:45]
Two Morning Dew [9:21] ; Playing In The Band [9:09] > Drums [7:31] > Space [5:01] > The Other One [4:36] > Stella Blue [7:34] > Throwing Stones [9:12] > Not Fade Away [6:35]

Three Slow Train [4:01] ; Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again [6:03] ; Tomorrow Is A Long Time [4:42] ; Highway 61 Revisited [4:12] ; It's All Over Now, Baby Blue [5:40] ; Ballad Of A Thin Man [4:42] ; John Brown [5:02] ; The Wicked Messenger [3:31] ; Queen Jane Approximately [3:45] ; Chimes Of Freedom [7:25] ; Joey [9:05] ; All Along The Watchtower [4:50] ; The Times They Are A-Changin' [4:24]

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

An Underrated Maine Show, Portland, May 13, 1979 My 7th Show in 10 Days (Finals In the Middle)

This was the first show ever in Portland, Maine.And also the first show in Maine since April 1971. By May 1979 the Dead had already played 15 of their 22 ever shows in sister city Portland, Oregon.   This one on May 13, 1979 was the first of eight in Portland, Maine. I only saw the first two before moving to Berkeley 19 months later.

This was the last night of the short ten night first tour with Brent. I saw 6 of these 7, 7 of the 9 on the tour.

I went to 6 dead shows in 7 days, took my finals and then saw one more in Portland at the end. I managed to get all HHs (HH=A at Bowdoin). Crazy. Im pretty sure I only smoked weed and did not trip during this trip.  I almost got arrested only one outside Hampton.
This ended my 22nd shows all on east coast
My next 3 would be in Sacramento and Oakland.
There is a pretty hot Sugaree that opens this show and a cool Take A Step Back, always a favorite for me.  Usually for the time Jack Straw closed set one. The show is not considered top shelf (see 5/7,8,9 for the tours best according to Deadbase polling)

We did get Maine's first Scar Fire and a really nice Estimated He's Gone Truckin Nobodys Fault Jam.

Take A Step Back
Mama Tried >
Mexicali Blues
It's All Over Now
El Paso
Row Jimmy
Jack Straw
Scarlet Begonias >
Fire On The Mountain
Estimated Prophet >
He's Gone >
Truckin' >
Nobody's Fault Jam>
Drums >
Space >
Wharf Rat >
Around & Around
U.S. Blues

Lewiston is not interested in the Dead on May 12, 1979