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Thursday, February 25, 2016

I love Howard's Take On the Dead

Howard F. Weiner is a true fan of the band and a great Deadhead. His new blog has an excellent take on the year 1977 which he covers extensively in his book.

From the great Bob Minkin  (Buy His Photos)  11-5-77

His Blogspot piece I like today is:

He also has a great book on the Jerry Garcia Band,w hich I like, but respectively is too heavy on 1982+ JGB when I preferred 1975-1980 JGB. Still his Jerry book rocks too

Let's review Howard's top-25 highlight selections from 1977. Luckily, I was there for his highlights #2, #8, #9, #17, #18 and #22.

1. 5-8-77 Scarlet > Fire
2. 9-3-77 Mississippi Half Step
3. 5-19-77 Playing > Uncle John’s Band
4. 5-8-77 St. Stephen reprise > Morning Dew
5. 6-9-77 Help on the Way > Slipknot > Franklin’s Tower
6. The Grateful Dead Movie
7. 5-15-77 Estimated > Eyes
8. 11-4-77 Playin’ > Eyes > Estimated > Other One
9. 5-7-77 Mississippi Half Step > Big River, Tennessee Jed, Music Never Stopped
10. 2-26-77 Terrapin Station
11. 5-19-77 Sugaree
12. 5-9-77 Big River, Peggy-O, Sunrise, Music Never Stopped
13. 6-7-77 Samson > Terrapin > Morning Dew
14.. 10-15-77  St. Stephen > Not Fade Away > Stella Blue > Sugar Magnolia
15. 5-22 Eyes of the World > Wharf Rat > Terrapin > Morning Dew
16. 3-18-77 Terrapin
17. 5-28-77 Sugaree
18. 11-6-77 Truckin’
19. 10-29-77 Let It Grow
20. 5-17-77 Fire on the Mountain
21. 5-18-77 Other One
22. 11-5-77 Three Take a Step Backs and Mississippi Half Step
23. 10-9-77 Lazy Lightning > Supplication, Sugaree, Music Never Stopped
24. 10-2-77 Casey Jones
25. 5-15-77 Dancin’ in the Street

I wont't disagree with the one's I was not at. Who can argue with Cornell and Buffalo, however Pembroke Pines 5-22 should probably be number one. Come on, when Dick's Picks 3 was released, that was Godhead awesome brain-dripping moment that I didn't even know occurred until like 20 years later. Also see

#2. I do love the Half Step on 9-3, but the 5-7 was more awesome and the highlight of Englishtown has to be He's Gone>Not Fade Away>Truckin'.  Listen to that again. it is the best Not Fade Away ever ever ever.

#8  yes Colgate is awesome, i love it nothing to add. Howard rocks here.

#9  yes, maybe higher in the standings, top 1% to 5% best first set I ever say

#17  Hartford is awesome too, and this Sugaree should be heard, but listen to it in its entirety Bertha>Good Lovin> Sugaree Here

#18  Binghamton might be high too but here's my long take

#22  Rochester, yes this are fun, but the highlight of this show (which I luckily heard on Sirius at 1-45pm Western last night is Eyes. It's Phil's world, we only live in it. Yes audience tapes do rock too

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