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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Take A Step Back

There are at least 21  23 Take A Step Backs.
The new Swing Feb 27, 1977 has one too ! so does 11-21-1978

I saw  8 of the first 15 all in the middle years 1977 to 1980, all on the East Coast.
Cool that I was a Take A Step Back magnet, between Springfield 1977 and Lewiston 1980. I saw
seven of 11 middle versions or more than 63%.

01. 10-02-72   The First One occurs in Bug-Eyed Super Packed In Springfield of course after a Jet to the Promise Land

02. 12-08-73  Duke

Duke gets one that tells folks to get back to their seats.
03. 04-23-77  My 1st
My first and Springfield's second

 04. 05-08-77, AT Cornell, also starts set two. Cool.

05. 09-03-77  Englishtown was My 2nd.
"Take a Step Back" before "Half Step" - the Dead left the stage for a few minutes after Samson

06. 11-05-77  My 3rd
There were three this night including at top of the show before Minglewood, after third show Looks Like Rain before Direwolf and as part of the Phil Lesh opening solo slow march into Eyes at the beginning of the second set.  Pure bliss.

07. 11-06-77  My 4th and the very next night. These upstate general admin shows were the bomb, but also horribly smashed up front. Rick Sullivan wisely chose the side for better comfort. Take a Step back in the first set between Jack Straw, song two and Tennessee Jed.

08. 05-07-78, Troy, NY reported to be multiple times, i expect early set one

11-21- Rochester

09.  05-09-79, back in Binghamton   My 5th (also my 6th show in a week)
1.1. Tuning
1.2. Sugaree
1.3. Bob says "Take a Step Back"
1.4. Me And My Uncle
1.5. Phil says "Take a Step Back", Technical Problems

10. 05-13-79, Portland, ME   My 6th
After Sugaree opened in set one, Take A Steep Back preceeded Mama Tried.

11. 10-31-79, Nassau
Several great long first set breaks

12. 05-06-80, Penn State, opens set two before China Rider

13. 09-06-80, Lewiston   My 7th

The last 8, 1983-1992
After two indoors shows, in the mid-west and upstate, the last six were all big outdoor shows in the East Coast. Since I lived in California, I saw none of these versions after seeing more than 50% of the first 13 versions.

14. 06-24-83  Madison, set two Before Help>Slip>Franklin

15.  04-17-84   Niagara Falls,  Before Help>Slip>Franklin

16.  10-20-84   Carrier Dome, Between Ramble On and Brother Esau

17.  07-10-87, JFK with Dylan, mid set one after Esau before When Push Comes to Shove

18.  07-12-87, Giants, starts set two into Morning Dew

19. 07-12-90, RFK, starts set two into Box of Rain

 20. 07-14-90, Foxboro, starts set two into Eyes of the World

21. 06-06-92, Rich Stadium, late set one, after Masterpiece and before Ramble on Rose

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