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Wednesday, December 20, 2023

21st Century Dead: The Shows I Saw 2000-2019

The best post-Grateful Dead Jam in my View, March 30, 2002, The Eleven/Millennium Jam

This was originally posted June 17, 2020

My history with the Grateful Dead covers over 110 concerts over a 45 year period between 1975 and 2020.

I saw the Grateful Dead 80 times between 1976-1987 and once in 1994

I saw Jerry Garcia Band and various Dead spinoff bands 14 times between 1975-1981

And I saw Dead spinoff bands 19 more times between 1990-2019

This post gives you my memories of these shows I saw since 2000.

Phil Lesh & Friends/Bob Dylan 6/29/2000 Irvine, CA

I had discovered my co-worker Evan Moore was a huge Dead Head on the day that Jerry died. I have gone to most of these shows in the 21st Century with this cat.  Our first show together was this show in Irvine (where I had never seen the Dead).   This was the only show I saw the underrated Robben Ford and the Little Feat duo of Paul and Bill. I'm lucky I saw this config once. It was a fun 105 minutes, feeling off a cliff, and only the second time I had seen a member of the Dead in 13 years.

Oh, and Bobby Dylan opened with that fantastic Charlie Sexton and Larry.

Bob Dylan (vocal & guitar), Charlie Sexton (guitar), Larry Campbell (guitar, mandolin, pedal steel guitar & electric slide guitar), Tony Garnier (bass), David Kemper (drums & percussion).

Duncan And Brady (trad.)

That Lucky Old Sun (Haven Gillespie/Beasley Smoth)

Masters Of War

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right

Tangled Up In Blue

Searching For A Soldier's Grave (Johnnie Wright, Jim Anglin, Jack Anglin)

Country Pie

Tell Me That It Isn't True

Crash On The Levee (Down In The Flood)

I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met)

Drifter's Escape

Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat

Things Have Changed

Like A Rolling Stone

Forever Young

Highway 61 Revisited

Blowin' In The Wind

Phil Lesh & Friends 11/18/2001 Lewiston, ME

I saw Phil in Lewiston 21 years after the Dead show there and 36 years after this fight.

The fight was in the same hockey rink as the Phil show.  

This was the first time I saw the Q, and is seemed like an out of town show after I heard those amazing soundboards of Phil shows I had been listening to for the past year

This is a good recording of this show here:

This show is dedicated to my best friend Jim Roux, who died on September 11, 2001.  I went to his show with my brother Ralph, Jim's ex-wife Liza and his cool son. RIP Jimmy. I loved how Warren sang this one. 

So you know I've been a soldier in the armies of the night.

And I'll find the fatal error in what's otherwise all right.

But here you're trembling like a sparrow, I will try with all my might

To give you just a little sweetness,

Just a little sweetness,

Just a little light.

The highlight of this show is the start of set two with their The Eleven/Millennium Jam and split Terrapin.

the great Philzone site kept all the Phil records

Ratdog 12/31/2001, Oakland   (click link)

Phil Lesh & Friends 12/31/2001, Oakland (click link, this was my favorite 21st Century Dead show)


Click the blue to read a lot and listen to my favorite post-Dead show I attended.

Phil Lesh & Friends 5/25/2002, Greek in LA

This was my last Phil & Friends show. It was at the other Greek, the LA one which is a beautiful venue in its own right and the only time I saw a Dead related band there. Loved the Sittin on Top of the World and just about everything that played that night.  The Q were the one.

Ratdog (Private Private Equity Party)

2/4/2003, 4th and B, San Diego

This was the first show after Rob Wasserman left the band so Rob Baracco (that handsome bearded guy above who always hangs with my brother Ralph when he plays in Portland, Maine) played bass!

My friend Steve Plavin in NJ told me about this, so Evan Moore and I came down and pretended we were invited and immediately got in.  Bobby in front of like 200-300 people, most not caring, was fun.

Thanks to the site 

The Other Ones 9/18/2003, Irvine

My only The Other One shows with that sweet voice of Ozzy's daughter Joan. My  buddy Evan got us great seats, first row high up over the soundboard and he comes back to me before the show and says the setlist is in plain sight and they are opening with Help on the Way and that put a slight damper on this show. China Doll was the highlight for me. Listen here: China Doll


Ratdog 3/1/2004, House of Blues, Hollywood

This was the night of my last day as an Investment Banker. Hooray, I became sane again.

A very fun show with the Freebo.  This was my favorite Ratdog show. 

The Dead 6/24/2004, Irvine

Only saw this version of The Dead once, not very memorable

Ratdog 5/21/2005, Marin

Paid alot for meet and greet but Bobby doesn;t show, he has a gig with Wasserman.

Hung out with Robin a lot. My ex-GF and her sister did not enjoy. Preferred 2004 version

The Dead 5/9/2009 (click link, great night)

Fun night at the Forum

Furthur 7/4/2010, Oxford, ME

Only time I saw Furthur. Fun show millions of friends there

Fare Thee Well 7/3/2015, Chicago (click links)

Fare Thee Well 7/4/2015

Fare Thee Well 7/5/2015

Dead & Company 11/7/2015, Madison Square Garden

Free tickets from American Express

Dead & Company 7/7/2018, Dodger Stadium

Set I: Playing in the Band > Bertha, Jack Straw, Big Railroad Blues, Peggy-O, Ramble on Rose, [Technical Issues], Cumberland Blues, Deal
Set II: Sugar Magnolia > Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain > Althea > Eyes of the World > Drums > Space > Stella Blue > Sunshine Daydream
Encore: Brokedown Palace > Not Fade Away

Dead & Company 6/4/2019, Hollywood Bowl

Set I: A Love Supreme* > Shakedown Street* > Friend of the Devil, Alabama Getaway, Ramble On Rose, Brown-Eyed Women, Cassidy > Fire on the Mountain

Set II: Estimated Prophet > Truckin’ > He’s Gone > St. Stephen > Turn On Your Love Light > Drums > Space > Standing on the Moon > U.S. Blues

Encore: Brokedown Palace

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