Wednesday, August 5, 2015

1976-08-02: 240 Seconds Over Hartford

So 39 Years ago this week, I saw my first Dead show outdoors.  It was in Colt Park in Hartford, Connecticut. What was interesting in retrospect was the length of the first set (14 songs!), which appears typical in 1970's outdoor shows (Santa Barbara, Iowa, Kezar, etc).

There is also the longest combined Playing In The Band for the year (virtually 28:00) that surrounds a nice Wharf Rat, Short Weird Jam and Goin Down The Road Feeling Bad. This was followed by three more rocking songs (Around and Around, Sugar Magnolia, and US Blues).

What is most interesting about this show is the once-only four minute jam between Might As Well and Samson and Delilah that starts set two.

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Pig Street! said...

Just checked out the show in my collection, wow! Besides the burning of the fences, Hells Angels, this is a nice AUD too! Might as Well! Nice authentic jams as you mentioned! Love 76', those Seva bass drum heads were surely hypnotic! Excellent first show! Thanks for the share!

David Davis said...

Wish there was a Betty Board, summer 76 rocked