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Monday, February 23, 2015

Springfield Shakes: I Need A Miracle -> Shakedown Street 1-15-79

No Words Necessary Here
Just Primo Dead
Best Song Transition Ever  A crazy start to set two and boom I Need A Miracle>Shakedown Street
right at ya  

As Deadlistening Guide says You will hear lots of folks waxing about the set two opening Miracle>Shakedown. It is as fun and unexpected as it looks on paper

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And the famous  Rob Bleetstein took these photos xoxoxoxo.

Springfield offered the band and the movie at
 the same time


Unknown said...

Weir rowdy on the Miracle vocals and generous and funky Shakedown.
-Chris Freedom

giaonhan247 said...
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avraham chaim kerendian said...

I like the Wayward Wind's Miracle as well as the Shakedown's generous and funky nature.
-avraham chaim kerendian-