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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

One Newcastle Please, 1972-04-11, Jerry Says No Drugs For Bobby


So Jerry had a great interview in the famous City Hall of Newcastle. this is just a vision add-on to the 2014 piece in .

 He must have been in a good mood at the band jumped into an 18 song first set. I loved when the 72 Dead would play China>Rider, then Playing In The Band, and then five more songs

Jerry talks about every groovy 1972 thing from the I-Ching to which members don't take drugs, to the Hog Farm, to The Band, to Kesey. Very fun day ahead for you folks.

Oh, you might want to listen to the Truckin>The Other One>Comes A Times>Sugar Mag thing too.

Amazing Review

Famous European Photographer Rik Walton took this    go here for more

A few months later, 11-4-72 Slade's Sudience  at the New Castle City Hall


rik said...

You could credit me as the photographer who took the pic of Jerry you have used!


Grateful Seconds said...

Yes glad to! Thats an amazing photo, can you give me details?

d3adf1sh said...

i think this may be my favorite show of all time! idk, really it's hard to choose (you know) but it's def my favorite from the Europe 72 box and on my top 10 desert island list!
some grade A prime time goodness right here! guaranteed to melt faces! 🤪 ✌️&💖