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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Ear Monitors, Bobby-Only and Other Rarities, 1989-1995

8-19-1989 Saturday, the penultimate show ever at the Greek

This is an interesting track of only Bob Weir's guitar
For those following along the set lists are:

Set t One  Let the Good Times Roll, Jack Straw, We Can Run But We Can't Hide, Tennessee Jed
It's All Over Now, Loser, Stuck Inside of Mobile, Box of Rain

Set Two China Cat Sunflower>I Know You Rider, Playin' in the Band>Uncle John's Band>drums>
The Other One>Wharf Rat>Not Fade Away  encore Foolish Heart

Follow along below for fun

Then in or around December 18, 1993 in Oakland, the Dead started using ear-monitors to speak with each other before, druing and after songs.  It's great that these exist

3-17 Spectrum

 Also we have these practices of Unbroken Chain which debuted two nights later 3-27
Omni Soundcheck 3-29 Omni

7-8 and 7-9  Soldier's Field, last two shows ever



madin said...
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Dr. D said...

I was wondering about the switch to in ears, too. They have them in Buckeye Lake in July 1992, so it was some time before that.

Grateful Seconds said...

It's such an interesting chapter