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Friday, December 7, 2018

FM Cap June 19, 1976 With Video

This was one of my first five tapes (i think from Rick Sullivan), another classic from the 1976 June Radio Broadcasts. John Scher also was nice enough to video this one too. We can know see in in all its black and white glory with Donna's 4 foot long hair via the good folks from the Music Vault.

Hello to all you folks out in radio land.  Nice little Help Slip Frank Music to start the show exactly like they did at the Great America Music Hall.  I misses this by a week, having seen #2 of my shows on Saturday, June 12, 1976, also a FM broadcast. Listen here too

Had to go all the way up to the University of Buffalo to get a review, but its a great student review. A little fuzzy here but you can find the source here, a goldmine for rare upstate music news.

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