Asked to describe the Grateful Dead's music, Garcia is reported to have quipped, “We were great for seconds on end.” (stolen from Cubensis site)

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Jack Straw

I am thinking Jack Straw is my favorite song.


Unknown said...

Jack Straw is certainly a high contender...its a great album despite those who poo-poo the over dubbed vocals...its the album that first really drew me to the Dead.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, and I'm certainly not a critic of Europe 72's dubbed vocals either; to me it resulted in one of the best 'studio' albums.

The above version of Jack Straw is just about perfect, and definitely a great tune all around. I've been lazily trying to search out shows where Jack Straw closed the first set as the jam part of the song can reach some mighty peaks before returning to the vocals. Found a long version from I think Syracuse 84 that I'm appreciating more and more as I listen to it again.