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Friday, August 2, 2019

The Seven And Only Seven Terrapin Encores, 1977-1991

Terrapin Station as a encore was dream, a wish, a star.  It only happened seven times, of which I saw two. Once Bobby was going to play it on this cool guitar even.

1. 03-20-77 night 3 winterland three flavors of terrapin

After opening show one, and closing the  first set with a medley in show two, Terrapin returns as an encore on the last night

2. 04-30-77 Saturday night palladium. Me there  (MINE)
My first was Terrapin's second. I thought |so that's that cool new song that they will crank for 20 years"

3. 09-03-77 englishtown me there (MINE TOO)

4. 11-02-77 back to Toronto (and then skip it for 3 shows)
A rare return to Toronto, a show on more than one official releases

5. 12-29-77 the just exactly perfect show. Killer show

6. 07-08-78 night 2 red rocks. Killer show
Terrapin Station>One More Saturday Night, Werewolves. wow

7. 03-28-91 the last one

A few others unique Terrapin Stations

Two First Set Versions

2-26-77 first version opens show
3-19-77 first set medley

Three during one set shows

07-01-78 Picnic
06-26-86 Metrodome with Dylan; I saw the Twins there once  worse stadium ever
07-10-87 Hottest Day in Philly History with Dylan

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Plumb Family In Turkey said...

4-22-77 Spectrum, my second show. Terrapin last song and no encore.