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Saturday, July 11, 2020

Blow Away: Brent's Last 20 Shows, Summer Tour 1990

This is my pandemic shelter-at-home project for July 11, 2020 after watching the Shakedown Stream presentation of the Raleigh, North Carolina show last night. Unfortunately, I was in my West LA, Heaven Help a Fool, See the Trim on my Mercedes Asshole Corporate Years and Missed the Whole Tour (from 1988 to 1993, what an idiot)

This writing is dedicated to Brent Mydland and his family.  We love you more than words can tell.

While virtually all of Spring 1990 has been released by, there has only been a few of these shows, fortunately on video

from Matt over at
a truly remarkable site

Six  Music Highlight per Deadbase '90 Voting

Cassidy July 12
Foolish Heart>Dark Star July 12

Last Time July 14
We Bid You Goodnight July 14

Mississipi Half Step July 16
Truckin July 16

So the 20 gigs from the Summer Tour ran from June 8 to July 23, 1990, a six-pac in California and an even dozen on tour across the USA from Oregon to the World.

Garcia is Doing Great and Doing Scuba

The 8 California Shows

Stanford and UC Berkeley nic the Dead, April 12

April 29 Sacramento Bee announces Cal Expo dates

The May 20 SF Chronicle announces Shoreline dates.

The May 27 SF Examiner is advertising Oregon shows for the Dead after quick sell-out (obv).

Dupree's Diamond News reviews the Rex Foundation Benefits at Cal Expo, June 8-10

Setlists at Shoreline June 15-17 from UK's Dead Fanzine Spiral Light

Blair Jackson's Golden Road speaks of Shoreline:

On to Autzen, June 23-24. I'll let the Golden Road give their view:

12 Shows in July

First I Give You a Hodge-Podge of Papers Across the Country

Now back to the shows

Deadbase '90 brings you the setlists for the July shows

Here's my calculation of the 20 show economics

And Deadbase '90  and Billboard shows some money money

The Last Dozen

Unbroken Chain

July 10 (see video at the top)

Now Spiral Light from the UK joins the tour at RFK

Back to Blair at RFK too

and one Dupree Nod to the Sadness at the End of the Tour

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