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Monday, August 3, 2020

Michael and Juliet Go to Sacramento and Photograph the 30 Trips Around the Sun Selection, May 3, 1986

My East Coast pals Michael (aka Demon) and Juliet moved to the Bay Area  for a slice of the mid-1980s.  Demon is from Lewiston like me and my pal for about 50 years and his wife Juliet has been my pal since like 40 years.

If you look up, Juliet took that shot of me and Kirk and Demon which has been atop Grateful Seconds since the very first.

Based on a facebook post Juliet put up on Jerry's birthday, I will steal their lives and history and represent these nshows about the May 3-4, 1986 shows at Cal Expo.

Charlie Miller mastered these great sound. Read all the way to end to get Regan and Blair's take at the time in the Golden Road

I wrote this whole piece before I realized: This is the 1986 Show in the 30 Trips Around the Sun collection

MP3 files are here   

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Yoko gets more SIZE space love than our boys  (we sell out anyways)

Unbroken Chain

I rarely write about 1986, this is only my 5th post out of 500+.  I was kind of not into 1986 Dead sand only saw: 

Berkeley- April 21, 1986

Greek- June 20, 1986

Greek- June 22, 1986

and not even New Year's Eve breaking my six year run  of those

Wow, the Dead were playing Northern Cal runs every month that Spring.

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