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Thursday, September 2, 2021

40th Anniversary of the Dead at the Greek, September 11-13, 1981

 The 40th Anniverssary of the Grateful Dead playing the Greek in Berkeley is next week.  So I suggest you listen to these three shows.  As I recall, there are only audience tapes of 9/11, which is fine and maybe better since you can get a real feel for the show by sticking with the audience tapes.

In the SF Chronicle July 12, 1981

Luckily I moved to Berkeley in December 1980, with the main reason seeing more Dead shows. So after 5 at the Oakland Audiorium, December 26-31, 1980, we didn't get any in the Bay Area (with the exception of the acoustic benefits) until the Greek almost 9 months later.

Here are my collection of Grateful Seconds pieces on the Greek in 1981

September 12 The Wine Pairing Show
An early attempt to describe the Greek

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