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Monday, February 2, 2015

Sneaking Out Of An Andover Dorm to See Jerry Garcia And The Dead, 1975-1977

I went to Andover for prep school between September 1975 and June 1977.  PA bred deadheads. There was Peter Warren, Lundy Bancroft, Grey Wicker , Steve Clinkenbeard, Ed Hill, Chris Spanos and maybe 100 more.  When we were seniors and the school opened a bar for us (read that sentence again!), we used to play Dead bootlegs like Make Believe Ballroom and get semi-drunk before signing in to our dorms (see Bucky and friends below).  I was a low profile Deadhead entering in my Upper year (they call that Junior in most high schools) and I had a radio show on WPAA at 6am once a week where I think I played the Dead, hot Tuna, New Riders etc.

My Yearbook photo 1977 returning from WPAA
Bucky, who lived on my floor 1975-76

There were three that followed from Andover to Bowdoin, me, Span and Kenyan Ambassor to US,Elkanah Odembo former know as Eli Absalom
I remember seeing Steve and Pammy down at Brown and at Dead shows when I visited friends in Providence around 1978

In the Fall of 1975, we had a sign in sheet where I had to be back in West Quad North's Bancroft Hall Bishop North if I recall by 10pm during the week. This allowed me to see the Early Show of concerts in Boston, which I learned about by listening to WBCN and reading the Boston Phoenix.  I recall the night The Who were playing the Garden and their reporter called in excitedly how Keith Moon had passed out and they band had used a fan for the rest of the show. I did this for Jerry Garcia, Neil Young and Bob Dylan in 1975 and 1976 during my Upper Year.

There was a bus right next to the West Quad North cluster that drove right into the Combat Zone in Boston for, I don't recall but maybe $2.00.  And on Friday October 24, 1975, I took that bus and was able to see the first show of The Jerry Garcia Band at the Orpheum Theater, a short walk from the bus terminal.  I need to be back by 10pm, because as I recall it wasn't until I was a Senior that I could sign myself out for the weekend and just go anywhere I want by pretending I was going home for the weekend, I was lucky for my first Dead shows as 6/9 and 6/12 1976 were after I finished my Upper year finals on Wednesday June 9.

It wasn't until Spring Senior Year that I used the "I am going home for the weekend" excuse to Mr Cobb (that's another story) to go see the Dead.  I was able to see four Saturday night Dead shows in 6 weeks (4/23 Springfield, 4/30 New York City, 5/7 Boston and 5/28 Hartford) and even take Cross Country star Emile Zen to that last show and his first.

Today's Grateful Seconds are the first set I ever heard the Jerry Garcia Band play on 10-24-75  This was the brand new Jerry Garcia Band after the Merl and Jerry Show ended their run earlier that year
Someone in management had convinced Jerry to start playing Dead songs for this tour, so JGB had debuted Sugaree the next before and They Love Each Other this night.  I am happy I got to see Nicholas Christian "Nicky" Hopkins play this night, and only this night.  This was a fun little set:

Let It Rock
All By Myself
They Love Each Other (first JGB ever)
It's Too Late
Pig's Boogie
Adams Family Tuning
Rockin' Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Mystery Train

Today's Grateful Seconds
Rockin Pheumonia mp3

Flac of Rockin

The Gans Soundboard 10-14-75 Early Show flac

for Potpouri

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