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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Grateful Dead in Marin on Halloween 1983: Show 65 After I Got Older, Losing My Hair

So 1983 was kind of blah for the Dead. It was my 7th year of seeing the Dead. Jerry voice was beginning to get that too many smokes-too much persian drag, and for someone who saw so many great shows, it was a letdown. I let local shows go by.  I hadn't even seen a show since Etta James played with the boys on New Year's Eve 1982, which was so enjoyable to see the breakout of so many old Pigpen songs after nearly 10 years and 5-13-83 at the Greek.
Craig MacLean Circa 1983; Current in Brasil on Route to Chicago

I was working at a wine warehouse periodically near where the Giants baseball stadium is today, but what was no man's land in 1983, when Craig MacLean, a very good friend of all the Davis clan from the Bates College/Lewiston Maine scene what had gotten me said job for most of 1983 came to me one Halloween morning with an extra one of these tickets. I said yes, even though the price may have been a high $15 and thought it would be fun to see the boys again.

We I got there I couldn't believe how small the venue was.  And after 64 shows and a long ,long hiatus from the band, I was able to see was the second highest rated show for 1983 according to Deadbase XI

I guess it was a good time to take a break. I believe Chris MacLean, Craig's cousin and my brother Ralph Davis were with us at the show.   Seeing so many shows, more than 10 a year on average from 1977 to 1982, I hardly ever saw new Dead breakouts for me, but this show was filled with them

Wang Dang Doodle (what's this thing?) into My Brother Esau. Never had heard neither. And I didn't appreciate Esau until Bobby played it with The National at TRI, Still a cool opening in front of about 3000 people even from Dress Circle Right Row 23.

My Stub in 2015

And the rest of the first was well played, just hard on Jerry's vocals I recall. Then set two
They opened with Help On The Way-> Slipknot -> Franklin's.  Now this is my 65th show since 6-9-76 and only the second time I heard the Dead play this medley. They played it on 4-23-77 at my 4th show, and then I waited 61 shows for it to reappear again.  After they retired it on the Fall of 1977, they hadn't returned to until 1983. But I never saw it again.  Again, based on the shows I had seen when Jerry had his perfect voice, Help is but hard on my ears, So My first GratefulSeconds for you tonight is a little tune called Slipknot.

Slipknot FLAC 10-31-83

A bit later  Airto Moreira hangs with the gang for drums and spaces and adds some vocals to the usual instrumental portion.  Oh yea, this is also the last St Stephen. But i saw it 6-9-76, 4-30-77 and 11-6-77, so I was good.They also played Revolution for the encore. So song selection was top rate for me. And kept me in the game to see shows somewhat more regular for four more years  Thanks Craig.
Space with Airto 10-31-83
Mp3 plus


Rick said...

Cool, Dave! I was in the Orchestra pit second row. Did we see each other there? I remember the show was a lot of fun, don't know how it holds up after all these years. I think I still have the AUD of that show. My favorite from that time was about a week prior the second night in Worcester. Then I flew back to the Bay Area on the same plane as the band. Apparently Jerry was the first off the plane. They had picked it up in the stop in St. Louis but I had stayed on the plane and didn'r see them get on. Fun times back then!!!

Grateful Seconds said...

I couldn't see way up to row two Rick. But you did take me to one more Halloween night the following year at Berkeley high school