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Friday, March 29, 2019

The Eleven Longest Jerry Bands Songs

To honor the release of the Eel
Here's 11 Jerry songs for 4 and a half hours, all over 20 minutes, none from commercial releases. Enjoy! You can download the MP3s here  I'm working on the FLACs but should be up same place

After Midnight 2-2-80 Stone
Lonesome 4-3-76 Lisner GW University
Not Fade Away 7-9-1977 Asbury Park
Mystery Train 12-31-75 Keystone
La La  9-1-74 Keystone
Are You Lonely 1-17-74 Keystone
My Funny Valentine 10-12-73 Keystone
Merl's Tune 7-5-73 The Lion's Share
The System 1-25-73 Boarding House
Man Child  1-15-72 Keystone Korner
Don't let go 2-19-78 Civic Auditorium

1 comment:

m0thra said...

This is the best mix tape I downloaded in a long time, "bong hits forever" indeed ;)