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Thursday, December 5, 2019

A Tale of Two Sugaree: Springfield and Hartford Bookend Spring 1977 Tour

An early fun re-post from 2017

For those paying attention, I am keeping in reserve my blog pieces on some of my favorite shows. So I let Springfield 77's 39th birthday slip by on Saturday and will do the full treatment on its 40th birthday in 2017.  However, let's discuss Spring 1977 for a minute here.

The six week Spring 1977 tour virtually started and ended in the Springfield/Hartford axis (after getting its Mojo back in Philadelphia).  And what bookended this tour was the two Sugarees; the great Springfield version and the out of this world Bertha>Good Lovin>Sugaree that opened the last show of the tour (To Terrapin) in Hartford.
Interesting iy you add the Deadlists timing of 11:17 on April 23 to the 18:43 of May 28 you get exactly 30 minutes of Sugaree Gold

2019 Edit: The awesome and JerryNote-crazed mind of Howard Weiner, the true Sugaree expert wrote this about the Hartford version. Get his book here

My 18 year old AcidCrazied mind that night in Hartford loved to be reminded from both the To Terrapin and Howard's poetry.

So for your listening pleasure and for about 1,800 Grateful Seconds listen to this six week evolution, a tale of two Sugarees today if you get a chance.

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