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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Hi, I'm Dave

Hi, I'm Dave. I grew in Maine, went to high school at Andover outside Boston in 1975, moved back to Maine in 1977 for college, and on to the golden shores in December 1980.  I realized recently that I never saw the Dead outside California since the Lewiston show on 9-6-1980.

Here I am with Demon and Juliet and Ralph and Harriet around or in  1982

brother Ralph
ralphie, Demon and me

Demon Juliet and some guy

Harriet and me, possibly Hampton

Juliet, Demon, Ralph and Craig for the Red Day Greek show 1982  Thanks Craig for all these photos in 2017

I was an avid follower of the Dead from 1975 to about 1987, but slipped away from the scene as the shows declined along with Jerry's health and substance abuse (which I learned about after his death).

I rejoined the flock in late 1994, and got to see one LA show prior to Jerry's death. Due to a workmate and good friend Evan, and the advent of the Betty Boards, I started listening more carefully and see the whole picture of the Dead, I became a bigger fan and active critic of the music.

As technology got more interesting, I became more interested in accessing and enjoying the experience.  As I have had to commute 50 miles a day total in LA freeway traffic, I have gotten the opportunity to listen carefully the last few years

This diary will point to interesting moments in my shows that I attended in somewhat random order.
I will start this week with a moment from December 26, 1980.
Hope you enjoy.

January 22, 2015

The fifth song I ever heard the Dead play from about 25 rows back in the Boston Music Hall with my friend Jimmy.


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