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Monday, January 26, 2015

Post 3.5 Bruuuce and Jerry Play In The Garden Prior To A Foolish Heart 1991-09-24

I never saw Bruce Hornsby  but I spoke with him briefly yesterday.  You can hear at here.

This is not a true post as I never saw Bruce perform. However, in honor of the snowstorm, I will bring you to a night in Boston in 1991 where Katie got great seats for Arnie and Liza. I did not know they attended this show until the last year or so when Arnie came west with the talented young Mr. Luke of Lunch Cult (

But, one day on Sirius, I heard this remarkable sound come of drums and move into Foolish Heart.  And that sound is right here now (and the Foolish Heart, if you wish Evan).

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My So Called Blog said...

As you know, the Lewiston concert is my all time favorite. I know that you said they don't have any "in the vault" but certainly good quality tapes exist...I can remember so clearly the first few chords of Shakedown after the break... people cartwheeling across the grass and the sheer joy in the air.