Friday, January 22, 2016

Acoustic 1982: Some Mighty Fine Jerry and John

In the midst of a crazy hectic Grateful Dead and Jerry Garcia Band schedule in 1982, our friend Jerry was able to mix in 16 acoustic nights, the first by himself, and then 15 with John Kahn.

The song you are hearing from the Oregon State Prison from Jerry Garcia and John Kahn might be one of the finest Jerry moments of the entire 1980s. More to come, but this is a secret preview.

From December 1980 though May 1981, Jerry and the Dead had played acoustic four times following the special shows at The Warfield, in NOLA and Radio City.   JGMF says this is 6-5-82 not 5-5-82 which has to be true since he's JGMF

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