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Monday, January 11, 2016

David Bowie and The Grateful Dead Each Play Around & Around in July 1973

RIP David Bowie.  Bowie played Around & Around at the Ziggy retirement show on July 3, 1973 in London. Two days earlier, the Dead played Around & Around on July 1, 1973 at Universal in LA.

David rocked Chuck Berry and also did a Dancing In The Streets duet with Mick Jagger Video here, Dead version was more Disco in 1976

As far as I know, this is closest Jerry ever got to David Bowie

Greatest Bowie Gif

Paul Condolora took me to see Bobcat and David Spade at the Universal circa 1988 and we got to go backstage and there he was, David. Shorter than I expected. I did listen to Ziggy Stardust kind of non-stop in 1974, right before I boarded the bus.  Here is David with Ringo, Cat and a few others cats and I think my sister Debbe (her doppelganger, although Debbe has much better hair) .

That's Jeff Beck too with Spiders from Mars, the last song ever played at the last show in the Ziggy character Video here       Juliet's great take is

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