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Friday, June 17, 2016

A View From 1972: Roosevelt Stadium July 18, 1972

It's the summer of 1972. School is out for summer, The Dead have returning from Europe and have only played 10 US gigs in 1972 as of July 15! It's time for a Monster Three Set Show listen here (only one of four in 1972 with 4-17 Copenhagen, 8-27 Kesey's and 9-3 Boulder).

At this show, Dylan shows up and hangs with the Dead

Top-14 Songs from Summer of '72

In the Grateful Dead universe, Pigpen is ill and "eating vegetables" according to Phil (see 8/21/72 after BTW),  Ace has been released, and Fillmore is playing in your local movie theaters.
The Garden State Summer Music Fair, presented by John Scher and Al Hayward boosted a big rock line for 1972 as you can see below.

Two nights before in Hartford, the band opened the second set with a nice Truckin>Other One>He's Gone>Other One>Looks Like Rain during their 200 minute show, but tonight they would pull out the stops with Truckin>Dark Star>Comes A Time. And then play an additional set for a 240 minute performance.

When in doubt, reach for the Charlie Mille
There are many great reviews if this show at the archive et al, but I Like this one from the Ashbury Park newspaper (although it seems to have been written during the first set, without reference to the mind blowing set two

Other July 1972 Delights

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