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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Before Jerry, Merl Saunders Played With Muhammad Ali

Jerry Garcia and Merl Saunders started playing together about February 2, 1971, but prior to that Merl had an interesting gig with Muhammed Ali.

This past weekend, I watched an HBO partial documentary on the champ that centered around his battle with the US Supreme Court. In that, I saw Ali dressed for a 1969 Broadway production, which I just learned was called Big Time Buck White. And the musical director of this was none other than Merl Saunders.

You might have know this, JGMF obviously knew and LIA but not me. And after the sad death of the Champ, this made me smile.

In 1967, Merl was in Reno

By 1969, he was in SF working on this play that Ali got interested in
The Musical Comes to Oakland Auditorium (Kaiser)
Early mention of Jerry and Merl together, Wonder if that Charlie Daniels is the Same

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