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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

On The Bus, 25 Year Flashback, June 6, 1991 Deer Creek

Indiana is still on my mind from the nice Dead & Company show the other night. Time to check the wayback machine 25 years to June 6, 1991 at Deer Creek.  (thanks to Steve Ulman for math skills)

As you can see, the Grateful Dead were much more popular in 1990s with the top-2 May, 1991 concert stands at Shoreline and Cal Expo.

Great coverage of the scene and the show in the local Indy Star paper, even a review with the setlist!
I expect the next night 6-7 was better since it has four songs reach the Tapers Section and got 8 votes for show of the year for 1991 in DeadBase 11.  Enjoy the look back and the music

Indiana was happy to see the boys again, as the boys brought the scene, and the fans, who were becoming older and thus had more cash to send. The Indy Star welcomed the fans to come and spend their money right here in Indiana.

Note the personal ad from the SWPF 43 on the left and the brokers on the right. here I am stuck in the middle with you. On to the show.  

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