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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

A Girl Has No Name and Dave's Near Arrest Outside the Spaceship, Hampton 1979-05-04

So a Girl Has No Name and Dave and Bob and Sam (a girl who has a name) went on a roadtrip in Bob's car on May 2.1979 from Maine to North Carolina to see six Dead Grateful Dead shows in seven nights. These just happen to be the 2nd to 8th show of Brent Mydland. Here's the 5-4 show

Charlotte Coliseum - May 3, 1979 no Charlie on Archive
Hampton Coliseum - May 4, 1979
Baltimore Civic Center - May 5, 1979
Kirby Fieldhouse - May 7, 1979 no Charlie on Archive
Recreation Hall - May 8, 1979 no Charlie on Archive
Broome County Arena - May 9, 1979

This is the only show I ever saw at Hampton, and it was the first one the Dead ever played there.
Bobby ended up with 158 recordings on the archive (Bob's 158 Recordings on Archive), but I know he taped all of these tour shows as well, since we would listen to them every night of the Road Trip.

I recalled meeting famous taper Joani Walker at the Charlotte show the night before Her Charlotte  tape is here and Hampton here  and later meet her again in Berkeley at 1981 at a party Rick Sullivan and Randy were at.

Since we were road-tripping, we arrived in Hampton early. We notices the near-by wooded area (is it still there?)

A Girl Has No Name and I decided to go explore the woods and do what college bf and gf usually like to do.  Then we smoked a joint. While we did that, we noticed a sound in the woods, like someone stepping on a branch.  And stupidly, the 20 year old version of me had four joints in my pocket.  Suddenly, a Virginia State trooper appeared just a few feet from us.  This must have been the scarest moment of my life.  He said, "boy you need to get a room. This is Virginia son." And amazingly he told us to get out of there and go to the concert. Crazy.

At first, I was so happy to get out of that situation without being arrested. But, then I realized that this Trooper spent a good amount of time watching us before he came up to us.

This was the one and only time I had a near arrest at a Dead show.  Luckily, the band played a great show that was later released on record store day in 2014.

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