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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Best Phil Lesh & Friends Show Ever 12-31-2001

So Derek Trucks Band Opened as my buddy Evan and I arrived

And  Ratdog Play a Great First Set. Always Interesting with DJ Logic

Then Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi Joined In For a Viola-Fired Set.  I loved triplicate first set Viola sandwiches (see 5-9-2009 with the Dead at the Forum for another). Now please click on the In The Midnight Hour above and have yourself a treat
Then Crusader Rabbit (i.e. Bobby, Mickey and Bill) Played At Midnight. This was a rare and early Dead reunion post-Jerry, before the big show in 2002, the 2003, 2004 and 2009 tours and Fare Thee Well.  This was similar to those San Diego January 1978 shows where Jerry could not sing.  The songs were Not Fade Away>Truckin>Playing in the Band kind of like a dream 1972-73 set too.
Drums I think

Then The Q Played Their 2AM Set which of course rocked the planet
Help>Slip>Dark Star>Terrapin Inspiration (I felt this coming)>No More Do I>UJB   nice !

and it was 20 years to the date and in the same building where Jerry married Mountain Girl and I saw my only Dark Star.  So, it was the best Phil Lesh & Friends (The "Q") ever.  

Altrhough you should get all the 2000-2001 Q soundboards which I will post soon. For now, you can have 12-31-2001 here
I should have bought one of these that night

Jam > Feel Like a Stranger > Easy Answers > Youngblood, Odessa, Bury Me Standing* > Scarlet Begonias* > Iko Iko*, Dear Prudence > Bass/Drums+ > Jam+ > Two Djinn > Touch of Grey
*-with DJ Logic (Turntables); *-with Willie Waldman (Trumpet); +-with Chris Burger (Vocals)

P&F Set 1: *Midnight Hour> *Hard To Handle, Viola Lee Blues (v1)> Tons of Steel> Viola Lee Blues (v2)> Dear Mr Fantasy> 
Viola Lee Blues (v3)> Cosmic Charlie
*with Susan Tedeschi

Happy New Year Parade.... 

Crusader Rabbit (P&F with Weir, Hart, Kreutzmann): Not Fade Away> Truckin'> Playin' in the Band> Space> Playin' Reprise> The Wheel> Uncle John's tease> ^Sugar Magnolia 
^no Warren until middle of song

P&F Set 2: Help on the Way> Slipknot!> *Darkstar> *Terrapin (Inspiration) Station> *No More Do I> *Uncle John's Band
E: Donor Rap/Intros ("Unity is Possible"), Celebration> 
Franklin's Tower

*with Derek Trucks
Derek Trucks Band (setlist), then Ratdog opened (setlist)

Derek's Set
Amazing Grace> 
Don't Change Horses
Egg 15
I Believe
Like Anyone Else
B-2 Boogaloo
Ain't That Loving You
Maki Madni> 
Joyful Noise
Afro Blue

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Unknown said...

I was at this show and i have to totally agree, best Phil & Friends show ever! Now correct me if im wrong but wasn't this the first show since Jerry passed that they were all on stage together?