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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Early Jerry Garcia Band In The Media, 1975-1976

I'll give you today some media mentions of the newly created Jerry Garcia Band for 1975 with Nicky and 1976 with Keith and Donna.  You can also grab 2-14-76 JGB, a very fine show here. The media loved to write about the Dead, but sometimes they would talk about Jerry too. You can also find a review of the October 1976 show in Rochester and March 1977 show in St Louis, two cities that usually would sent a reporter out to the show.

August 15, 1975 in the Argus (Fremont). First mention I've seen of JGB, shows 2 and 3 in history
See for great extensive write-up.

Philadelphia Daily News, Sept 12, 1975 ad for Halloween '75 show 
This October 3 ad suggests that the River City show was October 9; true or not?

Review of 10/25/75 in Rochester.

St Louis 1976

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