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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Sugar Magnolia > Caution

After 1971, Caution was on its last legs with the Dead.  So many great tunes ended with Ron's death. As the chart below shows, Caution was almost entirely a 1968-1969 vehicle.

Year   # of Caution Versions
1966         2
1967         7  (all Alligator>Cautions)
1968       21
1969       16
1970         5
1971         1
Stats per Deadbase 50, page 161

After 1971, Caution would only be played only in 6 shows, in a mini-resurgence all in 1972, although a Caution Jam would be played twice in 1974, and once each in 1978, 1979, and 1981.  I was lucky to see the October 27, 1979 Cape Cod version (see 30 Trips, 1979 for the #1 rated show of 1979)

The 1972 Cautions were principally a Sugar Magnolia follower, always in Europe (so available in great sound per the Europe '72 Complete collection), although there was one special night on March 22, 1972 at the Academy of Music in NYC where Sugar Mag jammed hard into Caution.   I first got wind of this a bonus disc on the Rockin the Rhein release, but it was also released as a tapers section release.

This is one of the most fun once-only jams in the bands history.
Listen. or here

3-22-72 NYC Sugar Magnolia > Caution> Jam > Uncle John's Band

4-8-72 London Dark Star> Sugar Magnolia > Caution

4-14-72 Copenhagen   Good Lovin'> Caution > Who Do You Love?  > Caution > Good Lovin'

4-17-72 Copenhagen Dark Star>Sugar Magnolia > Caution

4-29-72 Hamburg Dark Star> Sugar Magnolia>Caution

5-11-72 Rotterdam Dark Star > Sugar Magnolia> Caution > Who Do You Love?> Truckin'

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