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Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Dead's First Visit to Vermont, May 6, 1978

The Grateful Dead made only four visits to Vermont, two little ones at University of Vermont in Burlington in 1978 and 1983 and two giant ones at Highgate in 1994 and 1995. I was lucky to see the first in 1978, the next night after the band's only visit to New Hampshire.  Darn I forgot what a hot first set this is, and there are several very strong tapes at the Archive thanks to Jerry Moore among others.

Even though my sister Debbie was a Junior at UVM in Spring 1978, I remember I had to sleep outside on a field somewhere on campus the night after the show, since the campus security woke us up from dorm common rooms.  Oh, the good old days.  And don't forget to listen to the Terrapin Station from this show, it's one of those perfect 1978 power keg versions.

I suggest Ben and Jerry were at this show, although since their company was founded in Burlington, only ONE DAY before the show, they may have been a little busy. Still, it looks like about a 20 minute walk to Patrick Gym.  So tell me Ben & Jerry were you one of the few thousands that went to the show.   Trey did not go to the show since he was barely a teenager and likely in Princeton or Watertown this day. And here is your music or here 

I have never seen a full complete soundboard of 5-6-78 although one does exist of the dual couplets of Terrapin>Playin' In the Band and Wharf Rat>Sugar Magnolia that ends the show and a separate one of set one. And I am not sure why Bobby didn't play the Race Is On as I recall some big horse race that afternoon.

The first discussion of the show was in the February 3 local paper

And like other northern New England states (like Maine, see Lewiston), local officials were not happy

The Burlington Free Press had a nice review two days after the show. Click on the picture to get a readable copy. Charles Frazier did a remarkable job in his review since he mentions nearly every song the band played that day. "More happiness"

1978 Era Ticket Prices. I didn't know I could have paid only $8 and slipped around to the front.

11-15-81 Garcia Returns to Patrick


Unknown said...

my first show, sophomore in high school................30 years later still loving the dead

Grateful Seconds said...

my first in Vermont :)

Stagger Lee said...

Listen to Deal. Its amazing

Anonymous said...

This was such a really loose college show. The obstructed seats actually put you right on top of the band. They were enjoying it as much as we were.

zignorp said...

YES! I was behind the stage, and remember them turning around and playing to us quite a bit. So. Much. FUN!!!