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Sunday, November 6, 2016

This Is All a Dream We Dreamed: An Oral History of the Grateful Dead is A Gem

I have read every book ever written about the Grateful Dead.  This is likely the best one.
Don't just believe me, read all these five star reviews at Amazon. So far, I have the autographed hardcopy and the kindle edition, but now I want the audible. Just so I can listen sometimes.

You can get the newly released paperback at

I only met Blair a few times in 1981 when I worked at Rasputin Records in Berkeley, when he would come into the store and trade his new releases of random rock for Japanese-pressed Beatles LPs.

I never met David, but he has been awfully nice when I have called into Tales and with periodic retweets of my blog posts.

My favorite David story is when he suggested Weird to open in Cassidy, which they did once in Cal Expo in 1993 and found that Uncle John's Band fit nicely right inside.

But, I have followed them closely since I moved to Berkeley at the end of 1980 and I appreciate all the hard work and effort they have put into providing me and other Dead Heads with information, music , cool BAM cover interviews with Jerry, and for getting the band to split Cassidy that one special time.  I love the 1981 photo on David's website, in the soundcloud below, I hope it's ok to borrow for my non-profit fansite :)

This is just a fun read and very educational in reading, even for old deadheads like me.  I love the old Palo Alto stories, the vast list of band members, employees, friends, and Dead experts who contribute to interviews, the story of the special double-necked twelve-string guitar Bobby was going to play for the full Terrapin Station Suite encore at Englishtown (which didn't happen, but almost did, picture please).  I wont give anything else away

from Oakland Magazine, all rights reserved to them

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