Asked to describe the Grateful Dead's music, Garcia is reported to have quipped, “We were great for seconds on end.” (stolen from Cubensis site)

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

30 Days Again xoxoxoxox

 Here's all of them

Bookmarked at the top for November

Nov 1  9-16-72  Dark Star>Brokedown Palace
Nov 2 5-12-91 Picasso Moon
Nov 3  9-01-79 Mississippi Half Step>Franklin's Tower
Nov 4 8-28-88 Victim of the Crime>Foolish Heart  (dedicated to Evan)
Nov 5 2-23-74 Weather Report Suite>Stella Blue
Nov 6  10-02-76 The Music Never Stopped
Nov 7           70?  Attics of My Life

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